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Bold and Not So Bold Predictions for the 2022 Philadelphia Union season

The Brotherly Game staff weighed in with some predictions

Roundtable: MLS Cup Preview

Our friends from Sounder at Heart and Massive Report helped us preview Saturday’s final

Roundtable: Remembering the City Islanders and Pittsburgh Riverhounds derby

Former City Islander Nick Noble, Miracle on the Mon author John Krysinsky and Chris Bratton discuss the old Keystone Derby Cup

Roundtable: New England Revolution

Does Saturday’s win make you feel any more confident about the team’s chances this season?

Staff Roundtable: Bold and not so bold Union predictions for 2018

The Brotherly Game staff breaks out their crystal balls for the 2018 season

Being a Union fan is harder than you think

We polled the staff about what it’s like being a Union fan right now. It ain’t pretty.

Brotherly Game’s Union Midseason Awards

The best and brightest of Brotherly Game’s writing staff came together for a roundtable to give out awards during the MLS All-Star break

Match recap: Harrisburg City Islanders vs Bethlehem Steel FC

Two voices, one recap, same low price of admission

Bethlehem Steel FC vs. Harrisburg City Islanders: Talking to ourselves, round 2

Evan and Chris are back to break down the final meeting between Harrisburg and Bethlehem

Reactions to the Oguchi Onyewu signing

Almost everyone agrees - Gooch’s signing is a good thing. Why it’s a good thing though isn’t as clear cut.

Reactions to the Jay Simpson signing

The jury is still out on this, although there is some consensus

The Philadelphia Union’s best moments of 2016

Let’s face it, there were some pretty good moments over the past year. Here were our favorites.

Who to protect in the Expansion Draft (revisited)

There’s a little over a month to go until the Philadelphia Union (and the rest of MLS) are opened to the Expansion Draft.

Where does Alejandro Bedoya fit into the 2017 Philadelphia Union?

Bedoya’s versatility presents an interesting conundrum for the Union.

Upgrading the Union

What’s the Philadelphia Union’s biggest need going into the offseason? Depends on who you ask.

Who do you protect during the MLS Expansion Draft?

There are going to be some tough decisions to be made come December.

Week 24 Philadelphia Union MVP

While it wasn’t a good performance by the Union as a team, there were some individuals who had decent games against Toronto FC.

Week 23 Philadelphia Union MVP

In the Philadelphia Union’s best performance all season, who stood out as the most valuable player?

What you need to know about Auston Trusty

Unless you’ve been watching the Philadelphia Union Academy or Bethlehem Steel FC for the past year, you may not know much about the newest Homegrown Player signing. Fortunately, we have been watching.

Week 21 Philadelphia Union MVP

While the result against D.C. United was disappointing, there were some decent performances from Philadelphia Union players. Who did the Brotherly Game writers think was the best?

What is the Philadelphia Union’s biggest need?

With the international transfer window closing soon, the Union don’t have much time left to bring in someone.

Transfer Talk: Any needs after striker?

Breaking down the Union's needs during this summer's transfer window

Week 17 Philadelphia Union MVP

While just about everyone on the Union put in a great performance, one in particular stood above the rest.

Who starts up top for the Philadelphia Union?

With the top three forwards injured, the Union have to put someone up top. Who would you go with?

Week 14 Philadelphia Union MVP

Not a great result against New York City FC, but it wasn’t devoid of good performances.

Philadelphia Union Week 6 MVP

This week's Philadelphia Union MVP is the first repeat winner!

Philadelphia Union Week 4 MVP

Not a unanimous decision, but a pretty convincing ratio for this week's selection

Who would you start in the Union midfield?

There are a multitude of options at midfield for the Union, and plenty of tough decisions to make.

Philadelphia Union Week 3 MVP

CJ Sapong was the easy choice for MVP in the Philadelphia Union's 3-0 win.

Philadelphia Union Week 2 MVP

Last week's MVP voting was a landslide. This week things were much closer.

Who would you want as the Union's next DP?

Throw all caution to the wind.

Philadelphia Union Week 1 MVP

There really was only one choice for our Brotherly Game Union Week 1 MVP Award.