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Doopy Brothers

Doopy Brothers Podcast: Quick Reaction to Toronto Tie/Loss

Curse you Michael Bradley (and the refs too)

Doopy Brothers Podcast: A Win That Would Make Ted Lasso Proud

Yes we talked about Ted Lasso AND the Union.

Doopy Brothers Podcast: A Hundred Thanks!!

Seriously, how did we get to 100 episodes?

Doopy Brothers Podcast: 2 Goals & 1 Tooth Down But Not Out

Plus whose jersey did AJ end up getting??

Doopy Brothers Podcast: Nervously Previewing CCL Semis Leg 1

Philadelphia Union vs Club América Concacaf Champions League posters

We have more CCL posters to commemorate the upcoming semifinal

Doopy Brothers Podcast: Goodbye Sexy Szn

We hardly knew ya.

Doopy Brothers Podcast: Things Got Weird in Chicago

And the training wheels have come off for Quinn Sullivan

Doopy Brothers Podcast: Jason Davis Interview

Regardless of what he says, one of our biggest guest on the pod

Doopy Brothers Podcast: Free Kick Hat Trick

Plus we go through the Union’s books!

Doopy Brothers Podcast: VAR-ed our way to a win in DC

And AJ yelled at Julian Gressel!

Doopy Brothers Podcast: So. Many. Games.

And possibly the longest episode we’ve ever done.

Doopy Brothers Podcast: CCL semis baby!

We still can’t believe it

Doopy Brothers Podcast: Take That Atlanta!

Oh and I guess there was that Miami game too

Doopy Brothers Podcast: Moving on in Super League-oh wait no, CCL!

Plus we go toe-to-toe with the MLS Champs

Doopy Brothers Podcast: Holy Crap We Won Leg One!

And it almost cost a leg!

Commemorative Philadelphia Union Champions League poster

Doopy Brothers co-host Luke McClung designed a poster to mark the Union’s first appearance in the Concacaf Champions League

Doopy Brothers Podcast: It’s Finally Time to Catch CCL Fever

Next stop Costa Rica!

Doopy Brothers Podcast: Preason games have started, or so we are told

We squeezed a whole episode out of a game we didn’t see and some very minor news, look at us!

Doopy Brothers Podcast Episode 83: Thank You, Ray!

May "The Tuck" live on forever

Doopy Brothers Podcast: New Kit Alert!

It’s finally here and it’s beautiful... oh and we talk about other stuff too. But that kit tho

Doopy Brothers Podcast: Goodbye Mark + Trivia Time

Still waiting on some actual signings to give us something to talk about

Doopy Brothers Podcast: The Offseason Begins

Let the baseless transfer rumor speculations commence!

Doopy Brothers Episode 79: The Revs again, ugh

The only person more sick of this matchup than us might be Bruce Arena.

Community Corner: ‘The Office’ XIs

The Doopy Brothers picked their starting XIs based on characters from ‘The Office’

Doopy Brothers Episode #78: We got the Shield

Still can’t believe that actually happened.

Doopy Brothers Episode No. 76: Sooooo Close to the Shield

AJ and Luke catch up on all the latest happenings with the Philadelphia Union

Doopy Brothers Episode 75: We’re Tired of The Liberty Rivalry™

AJ and Luke are back to break down another win over the Revs and look ahead to a big game Saturday night

Doopy Brothers Podcast: Higuain who?

Luke and AJ are back to talk about the complete performance in the rain against Wil Trapp, Ben Sweat, Luis Robles and the other stars of Inter Miami

Doopy Brothers No. 71: Font to the Rescue

AJ and Luke talk about Fontana’s magical night, Olivier Mbaizo as a left back, Bruce Arena being Bruce and more in this week’s episode

Doopy Brothers Episode #70: Three ‘Mostly’ Positive Games

AJ and Luke take a look back on the last three Union games

Doopy Brothers #69: Another Red Bull win among other more important things

AJ and Luke are back to talk about the Red Bull win and more important things than soccer