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Who to protect in the Expansion Draft (revisited)

There’s a little over a month to go until the Philadelphia Union (and the rest of MLS) are opened to the Expansion Draft.

Trey Madara / Brotherly Game

With the recent roster moves the Philadelphia Union have made, we felt it was time to revisit who the Union should protect in the upcoming Expansion Draft. Last time we asked, we went with the premise that Andre Blake would be left protected and that Tranquillo Barnetta would be back. With these latest developments (and the season ending in the way that it did), I posed the question to the staff at Brotherly Game one more time:

If you’re Earnie Stewart, who do you protect in the upcoming MLS Expansion Draft?

The staff voted, and the results weren’t as clear cut as the last round. The top ten then all garnered 75% of the vote or more. Now, only the top seven hit that threshold:

Andre Blake - 100%
Roland Alberg - 100%
Alejandro Bedoya - 100%
Keegan Rosenberry - 100%
Chris Pontius - 100%
Richie Marquez - 100%
CJ Sapong - 90%

We can only protect ten, so only three more players need to be protected. While not garnering the 75% that was the cutoff last time, Eric Ayuk got 70% of the votes and Fabinho came in with 60% of the vote. With one slot left, Charlie Davies eked in with 50% of the vote.

What do you think though? Who should the Union protect? Fill out the poll below and feel free to discuss your selections in the comments section below!