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Week 14 Philadelphia Union MVP

Not a great result against New York City FC, but it wasn’t devoid of good performances.

MLS: Philadelphia Union at New York City FC Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been a while since we’ve done this, so all apologies if (much like the Union) we’re a little rusty after a hiatus. The Philadelphia Union had an outing in the Bronx on Saturday that they’d rather forget about. Losing 3-2, the Union were fortunate not to be down by even more against David Villa and New York City FC. But it wasn’t all doom and gloom for the Union. There were some bright moments and decent performances from the Union players. I asked the staff here at Brotherly Game who their Philadelphia Union MVP was, and these were their answers:

Matt Ralph: Roland Alberg. He brought energy and creativity that was sorely lacking in the first half when every attack seemingly died whenever Warren Creavalle touched the ball in the attacking third.

Jared Young: Agree on Alberg. I hope the staff changes the thinking on his role and considers him for the Vincent Nogueira replacement.

Drew Gobrecht: It looked to me like Alberg played more forward and Tranquillo Barnetta dropped back to the 8.

Barry Evans: Alberg for me too. First half we had nothing going forward, and him coming on changed that (well, may have also been NYC dropping back but will give Alberg the credit). Also ballsy to take a penalty when Sebastien Le Toux is on the field.

Alex Klein: Alberg. They turned it around when he came in and gave them a sliver of hope that the comeback would be completed.

Nick Youngstein: Alberg. Everyone else seemed asleep. Ray Gaddis stunk.

With his offensive mentality and ability to create, Alberg was able to change the momentum of the match when he came on in the second half. Thanks to his efforts, the Union were almost able to complete the comeback.

Congratulations Roland for being the Brotherly Game Week 14 MVP!