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Where does Alejandro Bedoya fit into the 2017 Philadelphia Union?

Bedoya’s versatility presents an interesting conundrum for the Union.

Philadelphia Union vs Orlando City SC Photo Gallery Trey Madara / Brotherly Game

The Philadelphia Union finally got their man at the end of the summer transfer window, bringing in Alejandro Bedoya from FC Nantes. Bedoya immediately slotted into the eight position for the Union vacated by Vincent Nogueira months earlier, and while Bedoya did better than Tranquillo Barnetta and Warren Creavalle, he also was no Vincent Nogueira. Bedoya made a name for himself playing as both a central attacking midfielder and out on the right wing, and with the departure of the aforementioned Barnetta, one would not be faulted for wondering if Bedoya would move up the field in 2017.

I asked this question of the staff here at Brotherly Game, and this is what they said:

Matt Ralph: I think it really depends on what other players come and go, but I'd prefer to see him in an attacking role.

Amit Mallik: Right midfielder that drifts inside often and is slightly higher up the pitch

Douglas Gobrecht: He will be the 10 next year. Not that I agree, but easier to slide him up the pitch and find a more suitable 8.

Andrew Stoltzfus: This may sound like a troll thing to say, but he will be "on the field" is the only thing that can be said right now. He could play the 10, unless Roland Alberg is back. He could play on the right, unless a true right wing is signed. Or he could play the 8 next to Maurice Edu. His best quality is his versatility. The Union can go after the best player in any of those three positions and use Bedoya where the need is.

Personally I’m inclined to agree with Andrew, however I think it’s much more likely the Union goes abroad to find a true number eight and moves Bedoya up the field to the ten. This would however raise an issue regarding Roland Alberg’s future with the club. Alberg is far too expensive ($377,250 in Guaranteed Compensation) and far too good (9 goals and 3 assists in just 1153 minutes) to simply be a bench option. It’s part of what makes the Bedoya situation so intriguing - the Union got their man, now they need to figure out where to play him.

Where do you see Bedoya playing, and what effects do you think this will have downstream for the Union? Let us know in the comments section below!