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Week 17 Philadelphia Union MVP

While just about everyone on the Union put in a great performance, one in particular stood above the rest.

Philadelphia Union vs New York Red Bulls - Photo Gallery Trey Madara / Brotherly Game

There was a lot to choose from this week, and frankly any of the starting XI could have been named and no one would have batted an eyelash. The Philadelphia Union were simply outstanding both as a group and individually. But only one person can win, so let’s see who got the nod.

Barry Evans: Chris Pontius. He tormented his old team all night, earned the first penalty and would have had 2 goals if not for save of the week candidates from Bill Hamid.

Alex Klein: The Ref, thanks for the calls!

Barry Evans: Why thanks for the calls? They were stonewall penalties.

Alex Klein: With the way the refs have been this year you can't expect them to make the right call. But seriously Ilsinho had a good game and he had his first two MLS goals I'll give it to him.

Evan Villella: Everything went through Tranquillo Barnetta (on Saturday), and he's made the Union run like clockwork

Nick Youngstein: Barnetta. He's the boss of everything, when he's on his game.

John Rossi: Ilsinho. Managed to actually capitalize on his good movement and dribbling in the final third. Hopefully that continues.

Doug Gobrecht: Ilsinho got his goals. Continues to be a highlight reel in 1v1 situations. Was menacing all night.

Jared Young: Ilshino finally broke through. It was his game.

Drew Gobrecht: Ilsinho. I saw him hustling on defense as well as offense.

Matt Ralph: Much as it pains me to say, Ilsinho had a great game. I also thought Ken Tribbett had one of his better games, but I don't know how much of that was D.C. United so I'll go with Ilsinho since he didn't do his usual dancing around with the ball and turning it over thing.

While Pontius, Barnetta, Tribbett, and yes even Sorin Stoica were all worthy of the award, Ilsinho’s play won over the majority of the writers here at Brotherly Game. On a night where everyone was exceptional, he was extraordinary.

Congratulations to Ilsinho for being the Brotherly Game Week 17 MVP!