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Philadelphia Union Week 4 MVP

Not a unanimous decision, but a pretty convincing ratio for this week's selection

MLS: Philadelphia Union at Chicago Fire
The Philadelphia Union line up before their match against the Chicago Fire.
Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

It's much harder to pick a Most Valuable Player after an ugly game like the loss to the Chicago Fire than it is after a solid win such the one against the New England Revolution, however this week we soldiered on.

Ilsinho may not have been a unanimous choice for MVP, but the results were overwhelmingly for the Brazilian midfielder:

John Rossi: Ilsinho

Evan Villella: Ilsinho just looked like the guy that the Union were so high on. And he was doing that after two weeks off.

Matt Reppert: Ilsinho, he of the soccer Gods that played among mortals.

Drew Gobrecht: Skillsinho, Illmatic, Ill-Skill, Philsinho.

Barry Evans: Ilsinho for the turn that left 2 players for dead.

Heather Reppert: Ilsinho

Jared Young: I don't think Blake's save was official since the flag was up. I go with Ilshino who created the most on the day. Warren Creavalle was playing great until the Corben Bone-esque move. Although I just watched Ilshino's defense on that goal and I may have to change my vote. Have to pressure the ball more.

Not everyone thought Ilsinho was the MVP though:

Colin Campbell: Andre Blake for his save in the first half.

Nick Youngstein: Alberg, for his work rate and being a link to a lot of Union's attacks.

Personally I thought Richie Marquez was the Union's MVP for being able to keep Kennedy Igboananike and Razvan Cocis both in check for the majority of the match. That being said, Ilsinho had a great game and is our Brotherly Game Philadelphia Union Week 4 MVP - congratulations!