Eastern Conference Predictions

1. Toronto, Still have a great team, just have to make sure they don't have a cup hangover.

2. Atlanta- What a story last year, I fully expect it to continue.

3. NYCFC- As much as I hate any team from NYC, this may be the year they can put it together and do something in the playoffs.

4. Orlando- They have really disappointed their first few years with a really good team. After a great offseason, they will be a team to fear next year.

5. Chicago- Although Accam is obviously gone, they still have Schweinsteiger and an overall solid team.

6. RBNY- Always find a way to make it in the playoffs.

7. Columbus- Lost a huge part of their attack, still have a solid defense and stud goalie but Zardes will not be able to carry the load offensively.

8. Philly- It hurts writing us down at 8 but whats even worse, some may say that's a stretch. The attack is improved but the defense seems like it could be very shaky throughout the year. At least we have Blake behind them. Who know's maybe we could nab the 6th seed.

9. Montreal- Not that great of a team, but hey they have Piatti, and a subpar team surrounding him.

10. DCU- Lost one of their few good players in Hamid, this is shaping up to be a long season for the I-95 "rivals"

11. New England- Looks like we can start off the season well against them. They lack talent and one of their best players doesn't even want to be there.


First Round(1 game)


Orlando vs Chicago- 2-1

Eastern Semis(Agg.)

Toronto vs Orlando- 2-3 on agg.

Atlanta vs NYCFC- 5-3 on agg.

Conference Finals(Agg.)

Atlanta vs Orlando- 4-2 on agg.

This would be a great conference final for the league to grow this new Southern rivalry, even though I'm probably way off. Assuming the Union are what many expect them to be and aren't in the Conference Final, this would be a very exciting 2 game aggregate series that I would definitely root to see.