Prediction of the Union’s result in the 2022 MLS playoffs

After getting the Supporters’ shield, MLS teams more often lose a season
and fail a next season. 

The Philly had a pretty good start and then developed their performance for the season to get first place in the east conference of MLS but could not get the Supporters’ shield on the road, it may play into the hands to the next stage.

The Supporters’ shield has been always the second trophy on the MLS road and more often a third leg for its holder not having been allowed for getting more in the season. Lucky ones won the MLS cup after getting the second trophy but failed the next season or sacrificed the head cup. Almost all teams faced the problem that got the trophy, it is like an unlucky ticket for their holder giving some trouble; a flat tire on the road, while seeking for a spare wheel everybody is passed by you and also get some suspension problem on a next season. It is like the CONCACAF Champions League, teams that put everything on the table; Sporting Kansas City, New England Revolution, and even the great Seattle Sounders could not drive the trap away. That is not an axiom, the road is always stuffed with traps around and there are a few lucky ones not to catch this. There are can be found many reasons why the teams why stop showing a good result, inside problems, a crisis, personal problems between a coach and players, or the way is finished for the coach in the team and others. But the competitions most likely influenced on this or unveiled the issue, something like an existential crisis only in the soccer world.

The Union faced it too on the road. It was a great challenge and experience for them. They went through all of it and got the upper hand in the area. After it, they build some muscle in that preseason, they gave a group of players away. Unmotivated Kacper Przybylko, Jamiro Monteiro who has done a great job in the team, Jack de Vries, Anthony Fontana, Ilsinho, Sérgio Santos, and an excess baggage Natej Oravec who did not play a single game for the team replaced by new fresh blood, Mikael Uhre, Julián Carranza, added young Richard Odada and Jeremy Rafanello in the summer. Not less important, the Philly learned to play and get a good result without Brenden Aaronson. These things helped the team to put them back on the road.

Prediction of the 2022 MLS playoffs

According to many experts and some media, the Philly has a big chance to win the tournament. Susannah Collins: LAFC over CF Montréal

Calen Carr: Philadelphia Union over Nashville SC

Matt Doyle: Philadelphia Union over Nashville SC

Charlie Davies: LAFC over CF Montréal

Jillian Sakovits: Philadelphia Union over Austin FC

David Gass: Philadelphia Union over FC Dallas

Andrew Wiebe: CF Montréal over LA Galaxy

Prediction table. Open it to see the picture

Prediction table. Open it to see the picture

Prediction table. Open it to see the picture

As we could see, owners of the the Supporters’ shield got a less reverence comparison to the Union and other teams; 5 vs 4. I assume, the cup may influence on LAFC victory on the road.

What things can prevent Philadelphia Union from a victory rally?

How we already know, the Union is very good over a long distance, but short tournaments give some surprise for the team. MLS is Back tournament, 2020 -2021 MLS playoffs, we don’t take the CONCACAF Champions league because it is a hard mode tournament and not every, even from the League MX can win it. It is such feels, there is not enough strength for a final push. But the Philadelphia union could get some experience for the time and can get some success on the pitch.

Not long Philly’s bench gives some problem to them, you have to work intensively and not hope on substitutes to reach the final and win it.

It sounds strange but not received the Supporters’ shield for the season gives more opportunity to get the cup.

Unexpected injuries may make contribute to a final push.


Philadelphia Union have a big chance to get the final and win the cup, but it is not an easy way, there is some problem that may follow them for the way.

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