Jay are you listening?

Earnie doesn't start until January... preseason games start at the end of February. Again, like last year, we'll be adding players who cannot possibly integrate into the squad in less than 2 months. Despite the great move of hiring Earnie, I fear "rookie mis-management" will again dictate the year, and again, we will finish outside the playoffs, as usual. Its time for SOBs and long term, loyal season ticket holders to react. Nick's influence will still dictate the 2016 season, despite any effort Earnie can put in place... I am just sick of this. Can you tell? And what of Zac MacMath? The whole Boli the Goalie situation was a utter embarrassment for this squad, and yet a tandem of MacMath and Blake, with McCarthy in Bethlehem would be a great situation for 2016. Please focus on keeping a mid-field of Vinny, Chaco, Barnetta and Edu... find a REAL left back, center back and holding back. As well as a striker who can score 20 goals...... PLEASE