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Community Corner: Your Expectations for the 2022 season

The players you expect big things from, where you see the Union finishing and what Jim Curtin needs to do to bring some more hardware to Chester

New York City FC v Philadelphia Union: 2021 MLS Playoffs - Eastern Conference Final Photo by Ira L. Black - Corbis/Getty Images

A new MLS season is here, which means it is now time for the Philadelphia Union to begin their hunt for some hardware. According to our preseason survey, many of you are expecting similar results from the boys in blue. Looking at the results most fans are expecting a deep run in the MLS Playoffs, with the Union appearing in the MLS Cup. Below is a snapshot of some of the responses we received back. If you didn’t respond, let us know in the comments what you expect from the Union this season and where they will end up.


  • Trophy or bust
  • Silverware in some regard. USOC or a Shield. Don’t think MLS Cup is necessarily realistic, but never know. CCL qualification should be the expectation.
  • Top 3 in the East, use our assets during the summer transfer window to really go for it this year, make MLS Cup
  • More & more chemistry thru out the team... Dollar Dog Days AGAIN
  • Slow start, strong finish.... We will just miss out on the supporters shield..MLS Final win in PKs
  • At least 1 trophy
  • Entertaining soccer games like last year

Where the U finishes

Everyone believes the boys in blue will finish no worse than 4th place. The consensus is that the Union will finish either 1st or 2nd in the East Conference. One person says that while the U will finish top of the east, they will finish second overall due to the west’s ‘lighter schedule’.

The player with the most impact

1. Mikael Uhre
2. Andre Blake
3. Daniel Gazdag

Player with the most to prove

Unlike last year which saw a wide margin of responses for Anthony Fontana, this year is a little different. We are seeing a lot of responses for the midfield and the strikers.

Biggest surprise this season

The response this year are lined up with the same of last year. With Flach and Mbaizo getting pretty much the same amount of responses.

1. Leon Flach
2. Olivier Mbaizo
3. Paxten Aaronson

Player who will be most missed

1. Jamiro Monteiro
2. Kacper Przybylko

The next bit of responses deals with Jim Curtin. We asked readers what Coach Curtin needs to do to have the team compete for the MLS Cup. A lot of responses dealt with possibly adopting a new tactic so that there is not just a lone striker up front. The other big note is keeping players, specifically strikers, healthy. Below you will see some of the other responses, which you will see below.

· Need more strike force. As well as a new 10 if Aaronson isn't performing.
· Ensure he uses his depth as best as possible to balance winning vs not burning folks out for the playoffs
· Keep the starting XI meritocratic even if it means making difficult lineup drops.
· A dynamic winger who can score and stretch the field
· Ride the youth and trust them to deliver in big moments.
· Attacking threat from both outside backs and at least one of the two shuttlers (if we play in the diamond)
· More production from the strikers