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Fans react to new Philadelphia Union jersey reveal

Fans weighed in on the new Union primary jersey after its release on Wednesday

Philadelphia Union

The Philadelphia Union has finally released their primary kit for the 2022 campaign, and it had some mixed reactions. While some images/mock-ups of the kit leaked several weeks in advance, fans still took to social media after the announcement was made official on Wednesday.

The good

Plenty of fans had positive reactions to the release, and saw it as a good way for the club to incorporate a blue and gold version of the gold center stripe that was a staple of the first four primary jerseys in a new fashion.

Some fans have already pledged their loyalty to the new design.

The bad

That said, some fans couldn’t be more unhappy with the release.


It’s only natural with an exclusive league-wide contract for adidas to have comparisons between team jerseys but did someone really have to bring NYCFC into this?

The Okay

Some fans are just going to allow themselves to do what everyone else with do: buy the jersey and wear it no matter what.

The Hulky

Lastly, though it’s more a reaction the video reveal than the jersey how could we leave out this tweet from our favorite green hero: Union Hulky.