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‘Of course’ the Philadelphia Union can win MLS is Back Tournament

A confident Philadelphia Union team heads into Thursday morning’s opener against NYCFC

Philadelphia Union

Philadelphia Union captain Alejandro Bedoya said that ‘’of course’’ his side can win the MLS Is Back tournament ahead of the first Union fixture against NYCFC on Thursday morning at 9 a.m.

The MLS Is Back Tournament is on the horizon as clubs are set to return to playing soccer for the first time since March following the enforced break due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

‘’You have to have that belief, there is that confidence you have to have that,” the captain told media on Tuesday. “It’s important for us,’’

He took into consideration the challenges in the early kick-off and the weather in Florida, however, he affirmed that “both teams have to deal with it.’’ Their concentration has not been affected, Bedoya confirmed: ‘’we’ve just been solely focused our game and our game plan, you know, how we want to play.’’

It will also be a chance for players to rise to the occasion as the 33-year-old continued: ‘’We’re going to really see, you know, what everybody can bring to the table. And in this format I think it allows, you know, for guys who maybe don’t play as much to take a big role, and to show what they’ve got, what they’re all about.’’

Unfortunately, Nashville and Dallas have had players testing positive for COVID-19, on how that affected the spirit in training and among the players in Orlando, Bedoya said: ‘’Yeah, I would say some guys are often anxious, it is worrisome, you know, seeing their cases.’’

‘’There’s the mental aspect right, you know, you play or train with a guy that maybe you think that has it or maybe he has just finished shedding it, but maybe you don’t know if he’s still contagious and can still transmit it so I mean, it is what it is but I think the protocols that are put in place right now, down here have been pretty decent, you know, I do have to give some credit there,” he said.

Nevertheless, the Union skipper wanted to focus on the bright side: ‘’The fact is we’re here now. So I think, you know, we can play this blame game all the time but I think what’s something I’ve said, as a captain, is we need to hold each other accountable.’’

The U.S international went on to communicate his pride in the club for not having any positive cases and praised his teammates and staff.

‘’When we’re on the field, we want to have fun,” he said. “These are difficult times. As the captain, I need to keep the team focused on positives. We’re here and we need to do our job.’’