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Philadelphia Union college mashup jerseys we wish were real

Local universities featured in the latest Philadelphia Union mashup

For the past few weeks, the Philadelphia Union’s digital team has been serving up pure gold responding to fan design requests on social media.

One of the topics that has been popular is their jersey mashup series. After tackling the other pro sports teams in the city, the local D1 universities were in the spotlight for a series of Philly Soccer Six jersey designs.

The first kit to tackle is a school just outside of Philadelphia, Villanova University. Nova’s blue kit features a more defined snake than the Union’s kit. As for the white kit, it looks similar to a jersey you would see them wear on the hardwood. Dark blue around the sleeves and then a light blue right on top of the dark one.

Next in the series is a favorite of mine, Temple University. The owl’s mashup’s color jersey is full red, with the snake in a dark shade. Once again it is clearly defined and more visible compared to the U’s kit. The white kit is a spitting image of Temple’s jerseys. Right down to the “Bimbo” presentation, where on their actual kits it would say Temple.

Next up in the series is La Salle University. The blue kit is closer to the ones the boys in blue would be wearing this season. Where you can barely see the snake design on the kit. I will say the sponsor logo with the bear is a nice touch. Looking at the white kits, it features the popular hoops base. This would be a kit I would love to see the Union wear.

Turning to Drexel University, their white kit instantly is something you may find the school wearing. The Bimbo font and color scheme is exactly how the school’s name appears on their jerseys. Looking at the colored kit for the school, the yellow kit appears to just be a yellow shirt with blue writing. It’s a kit that reminds me of my grade school’s gym shirts I would wear.

Next, we head to the city limits and Saint Joseph’s University. The red kit’s snake slowly fades and gets lost toward the head. However, the body of the snake is well defined with a dark red compared to the main shirt. The white kit is one I probably wouldn’t wear, with red, white, red circles around the sleeves.

Rounding out the City 6/Big Five kits is the University of Pennsylvania. This series features one of the kits I’d love to see in real life. For some reason I really like the split of the dark blue up top and the white on the bottom of it. Obviously, it’s a play off the Penn’s P. On the white kit, Penn’s logo is once again referenced. This time it’s the sponsor logo with an oversized B.

Just when you thought the mashups were over, we got treated with two bonus kits. The first one modeled after Neumann University. The sponsor logo features yellow text on the blue shirt. Now focusing on their white kit, it reminds me of a jersey you would see on the ice rink. A bold strip of dark blue on the bottom of the shirt and sleeves with thin yellow lines above and below.

The final kit in the “college series” is Penn State University. PSU’s kits are very simple. The dark blue kit features the sponsor name in white. The kit’s sponsor text is also in the familiar arch that is featured on Penn State’s jerseys. The white kit is simply an all white shirt with blue text saying “Bimbo.”

What did you think of the six jersey and two bonus designs? Which is your favorite? Let me know in the comments.