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Philadelphia Union players as Marvel Avengers characters

Matching current Union players with Marvel characters

Brenden Aaronson as Spider-Man in a poster produced for the 2019 season
Philadelphia Union

To many Philadelphia Union fans, the team is already composed of twenty-two superheroes. But in case you were interested in what specific superheroes they were, here’s a list of a few Union players and personnel as Marvel superheroes.

Brenden Aaronson - Spiderman (Tom Holland)

While I know that Aaronson is no longer a rookie, he is still one of the youngest players on the roster, and he’s still “testing his powers.” Aaronson, like Spiderman, is new to the scene but making a big impact all around. Aaronson has plenty of mentors to look up to, and will most certainly become a strong player who grows more independent and becomes more than just “the kid.”

Alejandro Bedoya - Captain America

This one seems like the most obvious choice. Bedoya is the Union’s fearless leader who has strong moral values and stands for his team and what he believes in, the same applies to Captain America. Additionally, they’re both surprisingly fit despite their advanced age.

Andre Blake - Groot

Now this one may be a bit of a reach (pun #1) but Andre Blake is probably closest to the strange tree creature from Guardians of the Galaxy, Groot. Groot would be a fantastic goalkeeper, he can stretch himself out to incredible lengths; In the same way, Blake stretches himself out to save potential goals. Additionally, Blake and Groot use themselves as a last-defense in the event of an attack to protect their team.

Ilsinho - Doctor Strange

This one’s short and simple. Ilsinho is a wizard with his feet, and he might as well be using magic to get around four defenders at once.

Sergio Santos - Hulk

Obviously, there aren’t a lot of personality comparisons between the two here. Sergio Santos is just an incredibly muscular specimen. To be honest, Santos could throw a car across Philadelphia and I wouldn’t be surprised; he’s just that ripped.

Jakob Glesnes - Thor

Nordic, blond, what more do you need? Plus, Glesnes has an electric boot (see LAFC on March 8).

Jose Andres Martinez - Black Panther

Remember Jose Martinez in the LAFC match? El Brujo took hit after hit, yet he just seemed to get better. Very similar to the way the Black Panther suit absorbs hit and uses the damage to charge the suit. Even when Martinez seemed down for the count, he just got back up and kept playing, just like the Wakandan king returning from what seemed like certain death.

Jamiro Monteiro - Ant-Man (Short)

Not a whole lot of connections here, Montiero is just the shortest player on the team. Standing at 5’ 8”, he’s just a little taller than the .5” Scott Lang.

Jack Elliott - Ant-Man (Tall)

Not a whole lot of connections here, Elliott is just the tallest player on the team. Standing at 6’ 6”, he’s just a little shorter than the 50’ Scott Lang.

Jim Curtin - Vision

To start off, I am not calling Jim Curtin a robot. The only comparison that I’m making here is that Curtin likes to think with logic and statistics over emotion and luck. I definitely do not think that Jim Curtin can be a little machine-like. That would be ridiculous.

Ernst Tanner - Nick Fury

While it would be easy to just give Curtin the comparison to the leader of the Avengers, Tanner will have to take this one. Tanner was the one who assembled this team, and who ultimately put it back on track. Tanner’s connections around the world give him access to info and players that he needs, similar to Fury’s connections.

Disagree with some of the comparisons made here? Think that there were some missing players/superheroes? Let us know in the comments!