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Community Corner: Best, Worst and First Kits

To kick off Jersey Week, we want to hear about your best, worst and first kits

Chelsea Training & Media Opportunities Photo by Darren Walsh/Chelsea FC via Getty Images

We are coming off one of the biggest sporting events in a while, the “NFL Draft.” Here at BrotherlyGame we want to keep the sporting vibe going. So search your closet and dust off your jerseys because its “Jersey Week.” With this in mind, I want to share with you details on three kits.

First I want to talk about one of my favorite kits of all time, Chelsea’s 2009/2010 away kit. A few reasons why I love the blue’s first ever navy kit. One thing is the subtle two-tone navy blue colors of the kit. The second thing that makes this kit is the electric yellow stripes and sponsor name. Man do I miss Samsung as the blue’s kit sponsor.

The worst kit I may have seen, scratch that we have all seen, is FC Cincinnati’s “Bold’ kit. It’s hard to explain the dumpster fire that is this kit. I’m all for a black and navy kit. However splitting the colors down the middle just made it look bad. Then you have those orange accents. It’s just a huge mess that I wouldn’t want to be caught wearing.

My first legit kit was U.S. Soccer’s centennial kit. The 2013 kit was very basic with a white short and blue trim. The kit’s crest actually drew me to buy the kit. It was a call back to the patch on the 1916 uniforms. Patriotic details continued throughout the kit including at the bottom of the kit one side had 13 stars, while the other had 13 red and white stripes.

Here is the deal; we want you to also take part in Jersey Week. In the comments below or on our social media accounts, we want you to share your best, worst and first soccer jersey.