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Chelsea midfielder Christian Pulisic chats online with Philadelphia Union II

The Hershey native recently talked to players from the Union’s USL Championship club

Players from the Philadelphia Union II got the opportunity to talk to USMNT and Chelsea midfielder Christian Pulisic.

Pulisic talked about the challenges he has faced as a player, both and Germany and in England, and how he faced those challenges.

“Right after my biggest challenges is when some of my biggest moments have happened,” Pulisic said.

He also gave advice to young players looking to make their mark and get seen.

“The best advice I could give is you never know who’s watching you,” Pulisic said. “The way I got scouted by Dortmund was in a random game; we had a tournament with the youth national team in Turkey and I had no idea anyone was watching, I was just playing my game and I had a really good game and somehow that’s how Dortmund saw me and that’s how they invited me to join their academy.”

Pulisic is one of many to speak to the Union’s lower-level teams during the COVID-19, and more guest speakers are expected to speak to the Union II and Academy teams. Brazilian international Kaka recently jumped on a call with Kleberson and his U12 team from the academy.