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Game Thread: Philadelphia Union 0 FC Cincinnati 0 Full Time

The Union are in Cincy taking on Haris Medunjanin and FCC

MLS: Philadelphia Union at FC Cincinnati Katie Stratman-USA TODAY Sports

90’ + 6’ And there it is. Union and Cincinnati can’t finish at the end, and finish in a tie that makes FCC satisfied, but leaves much to be desire for the Union.

90’ + 5’ Ilsinho taken down in Glesnes range, Union send men forward in last attempt for 3 points

90’+ 3’ Frankie Amaya gets a yellow for a tackle on Santos, Cincinnati player down on the field.

90’ + 2’ Blake with an incredible save, possibly saving the Union points with the 0-0 deadlock prevailing.

90’ + 1’ Gonna be four minutes of added time to close out the game as the Union push once again.

89’ Martinez with an incredible save to bail out Blake and the Union. FCC’s response corner gets nothing.

88’ Glesnes takes a big shove, but no call. Cincy is driving down feild and earns a free kick.

87’ Martinez’ shot looks to have quality this time, but it’s blocked and goes out for a corner.

85’ Deplagne drives forward, earns a corner. Medunjamin’s kick doesn't translate to a goal, throw in for Cincinnati

85’ Momentum seems to half shifted a bit, with Cincinnati pushing and the Union hanging back.

79’ Przybylko with a late challenge on Waston, earns a yellow card. Cincinnati subs Mathieu Deplagne in for Nick Hagglund

78’ Santos takes a nice shot in the box, but it goes just wide. Made Richey work and hit the post.

77’ Cincinnati with a cross/shot, but it goes out easily for a goal kick.

76’ Przybylko and the Union getting some better chances in the box, but few shots and still no shots on goal. Union continuously in the attacking third

73’ Mbaizo is back, Union keeps pushing, but to little avail.

71’ Mbaizo is down on the pitch. Union substitution: Sergio Santos in for Brenden Aaronson during the injury break.

70’ Mbaizo with a mishit/chip that goes over the box. Santos gets ready to come in.

69’ Monteiro tries to work it near the box, but loses it out of bounds. Union clearly pushing more this half than the last.

67’ Cincinnati substitution: Yuya Kubo in for Brandon Vasquez

66’ Ilsinho tries to work a tough angle, but misses the goal and Bedoya.

64’ Locadia with another near miss, as he sends a bullet next to goal. Seems inevitable that he’ll score eventually.

63’ Bedoya just misses Real’s cross. A solid chance, but still 0-0

62’ Haris Medunjamin fouls Ilsinho, earns a yellow. Union isn’t able to do anything with the deep free kick, as is standard for the night.

61’ Locadia with the best chance of the night for both teams, but he just misses the box.

60’ Cincinnati tries a drive towards the Union box, but the ball rolls out for a Blake goal kick.

59’ Bedoya gets a yellow card, will miss the next match due to suspension.

58’ Cincinnati corner, Union clears it via free kick

57’ Matt Real also officially clocked in when Gaddis left. Currently playing leftback with Mbaizo on the right

56’ Union substitution: Ilsinho in for Andrew Wooten. Gaddis still wincing and grabbing his leg off the field.

55’ Gaddis is down in the corner, rolls off the field. Grabbing his right thigh as Matt Real prepares to come in

54’ Aaronson fouled, Union continues the slow press. Gaddis tries a cross into the box, but Richey grabs it easily.

51’ Wooten goes down again, still no whistle from the referee. Cincinnati pushes up towards the box, but loses the ball to a foul.

50’ Union seems to be pressing more, but there still isn’t much urgency.

47’ Yellow card awarded for Cincinnati’s Kendall Waston for persistent infringement. Final foul was against Przybylko in his half

46’ We’re back as Przybylko takes the tap and gets the second half started. Aaronson starts with a deep chip, but it flies out of play.

HALFTIME: Not a great showing from either team, but Cincinnati seems to have the upper hand. Jim Curtin will have have to make some adjustments at the half if he wants to get 3 points out of this one.

Also, I have just discovered I’ve been spelling Cincinnati wrong this whole time.

45’ + 3’ The sound seems to have gone out, but the half is over. Alejandro Bedoya clearly frustrated there as he punts the ball as the whistle sounds, a tough half for the Boys.

45’ + 1’ Minimum of two minutes of added time in this half

45’ Union block a shot from Locadia, giving FCC a corner. Corner results in a clearance by Przybylko.

43’ Haris Medunjamin tries get the ball in the box off a deep free kick, but it curls out for a Union throw

41’ Aaronson tries to make something happen towards the edge of the box, but goes down and gives Cincinatti the goal kick

39’ Gyau slips in the box, and gets called for handling, giving Andre Blake a free reset.

37’ Ray Gaddis tries a cross to Wooten, but that’s cleared away. Union can’t seem to get a good ball into the box tonight

35’ Aaronson tries a header in the box, but there’s no one on the other end and it ends up in CIncy’s hands

33’ Monteiro steals a pass from Cincinatti in the Union’s attacking third, but the Union fails to capitalize on the opportunity

32’ Aaronson goes down near Cincy’s defensive third, Union doesn’t do much with the kick

31’ Cincinatti has been consistently driving, but the Union’s back line stood up against that attack. Not a lot from the Union’s offense.

28’ Martinez takes a wild shot while falling backwards, ball soars over the net.

27’ Cincy’s Vasquez goes down, not foul against the Union

26’ Locadia tries to cross into the box, but Glesnes clears it out. McKenzie gets a second clearance leading to a counter. Przybylko’s pass to Wooten is picked off.

23’ Mbaizo almost costs the Union a goal with a dangerous pass in front of net. Union push forward but Wooten just misses the pass intended for him in the box.

21’ Andrew Wooten goes down at midfield and draws the foul, Monteiro is back on the field

19’ Monteiro gets clipped near the box, yellow card justly awarded to Cincinatti’s Joseph-Claude Gyau. Gyau came in studs up, got Monteiro in the knee.

16’ Martinez is down again, looks like he’s having pain in his back. Gets up after a minute, has to leave the pitch for a bit.

14’ That’s the second time that someone’s slipped on this turf; the pitch doesn’t look great on TV

12’ Martinez swings at the ball just outside the 18, but doesn’t get any power out of it as it bounces out of bounds

10’ Przybylko goes down again near midfield, Union free kick leads to a Union corner

9’ Cincinatti gets the first shot of the evening from Locadia, but it goes far right of the net

8’ Cincy’s Cruz takes the ball from Martinez, but a bad pass slows the counter

6’ Brenden Aaronson tries to get to the pass from Jamiro Montiero, but it falls into the hands of Cincy’s Spencer Richey

3’ Now Jose Martinez is down, Union free kick at midfield

2’ Kacper Przybylko goes down for a bit there, dropped ball for Cincy

1’ Annnnd we’re off as Cincinatti’s Jurgen Locadia takes the first tap

Starting Lineups

There are sure to be some grumbles but with Ray Gaddis back in the starting XI, Olivier Mbaizo gets the start at left back over Matt Real. Andrew Wooten also gets the start and Jose Martinez is back. Plenty of firepower on the bench with Sergio Santos, Ilsinho and Anthony Fontana all likely to see action.

Former St. Joseph’s University goalkeeper Bobby Edwards on the bench for FC Cincinnati tonight. And of course Haris Medunjanin gets the start in the midfield.

Injuries, Suspensions

FC Cincinnati

Injury Report:
OUT: Jimmy McLaughlin (M) - ankle injury
OUT: Saad Abdul-Salaam (D) - undisclosed injur
yOUT: Przemyslaw Tyton (GK) - undisclosed injury
Suspended: None
Suspended after next caution: None
International duty: None

Philadelphia Union

Injury Report:
OUT: Jack Elliott (D) - undisclosed injury
QUESTIONABLE: Kai Wagner (D) - undisclosed injury
Suspended: None
Suspended after next caution: Alejandro Bedoya (M), Jamiro Monteiro (M)
International duty: None


Referee: Guido Gonzales Jr.
Assistant Referees: Cory Richardson, Peter Balciunas
Fourth Official: Natalie Simon
VAR: Hilario Grajeda