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Virtual Fireside Chat: Q&A with Once a Metro

We talked to the Once a Metro assistant editor, Daniel Feuerstein, to learn more about the New York Red Bulls ahead of tonight’s match

Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

We were able to talk with Daniel Feuerstein over at fellow SB Nation site Once a Metro, to get some inside information about the New York Red Bulls team the Union will face tonight:

This is the first season since 2013 that Bradley Wright-Phillips won’t be wearing a Red Bulls jersey. How has the team coped with the loss of one of the best forwards in MLS history?

It’s been strange not having Bradley Wright-Phillips. I know the fans miss him badly. But right now, it looks like the Red Bulls are doing okay; this pandemic hasn’t shown he’s missing just yet. There have to be more games played to truly evaluate that situation.

The MLS is back tournament was disappointing for RBNY, who were unable to progress past the group stage. Despite this, were there any positive signs from the three games they played?

Florian Valot was positive. His return has been huge, not just because he came back from his 2nd ACL surgery, but his pace and movement on and off the ball were fantastic. He is going to be that important piece to move forward.

What’s a realistic expectation for this team going into this season?

Just making the playoffs and making a run. Not sure this is an MLS Cup Championship side.

After head coach Jesse Marsch left to manage RB Salzburg, Chris Armas was selected as his replacement. How has he done as a HC so far? Any changes to RBNY’s style of play?

More changes in formation than tactics, they are still pressing. I think Chris Armas has done a decent job, but he needs to show more. He needs to be better making adjustments during halftime, but at the moment he’s been o.k.

Predicted lineup & Final score:

G: Meara
D: Pendant, Parker, Long, Duncan
M: Davis, Casserers Jr., Valot, Kaku
F: Royer, White
It will be a 2-2 Draw.

Thanks to our friends over at Once a Metro for their time!