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Rate the U: Curtin’s rotation ends with a great performance

Gaddis was given the night off and Mbaizo looked great with the chance he had

DC United v Philadelphia Union Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

It was a night that the River End would have been rocking and screaming with a lot of Doop’n and colored smoke bombs. However, in these pandemic times we are forced to socially distance from our Philadelphia Union. But one thing that was not distancing was the ball and the back of D.C. United’s net. The U got four goals off of three different players.

The scoring came fast and early in the match. Seven minutes into the game Jamiro Monteiro was on the left side of the net lined up for a corner kick. As fans probably know it has been years since the Union scored off a corner. Welp Kacper Przybylko reset that clock after getting the ball into the net. That also wasn’t his last goal of the night. Chester’s friendly neighborhood ghost got his second goal in the sixteenth minute.

Union homegrown player, Brenden Aaronson, also had a good evening. Aaronson was all over the field going from the outside flanks to the middle of the field. After a slow start in the first half, he started to be involved in a lot of the attacks. Aaronson has plenty of chances and would eventually convert a shot for a goal in the sixty first minute.

One person I can’t wait to see your rating on is Jim Curtin. From past experiences it seems like Curtin would change the game plan once they went up 2-0. I would feel like he would instruct the players to sit back and defend the lead. This was a different feeling, it felt like Curtin was committed to the attack and continued to have them throw numbers forward. In my opinion it was a lovely sight to see.

Now comes your part, we want to know how you feel about Saturday night’s performance. Did you think Martinez was smart to grab his yellow card ten minutes into the match? Did that impact his performance for you? How about Olivier Mbaizo, was it a great showing for him? What about the manager Jim Curtin, was it a smart move to rotate the roster and give some guys the night off?

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