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Community Corner: Sports moment that made you cry

Phillies failure of a back-to-back World Series left tears in my face

Mariano Rivera holds trophy as New York Yankees celebrate on Photo by Corey Sipkin/NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images

“There’s no crying in baseball.” It’s an iconic line from the 1992 film ‘A league of their own.’ The line is also fitting for this week’s theme, because unlike what Tom Hank’s character may think, there is plenty of crying in sports.

For me one of the most memorable sporting events that left me in tears was probably the 2009 World Series. The Phillies were one year removed from winning the trophy and found themselves being able to defend the title against the Yankees.

I remember sitting on the third base line of Citizens Bank Park for Game 5 of that series. Cliff Lee was on the mound for the Phillies facing A.J. Burnett. Now if you don’t remember the night before Brad Lidge lost the game in the 9th inning after the Phillies were able to tie the game up at 4. The Yankees entered Game 5 with the possibility of being able to celebrate on Broad Street. But thanks to a pair of Home Runs from Chase Utley the Phillies sent the series back to New York.

Game Six saw one of my favorite pitchers take the mound, Pedro Martinez. It was a game you would normally see in the ALCS, with Martinez pitching in the Yankees Stadium in a post season. But here he was pitching for my team, in a must-win position. However, the Yankees would light him up. Which meant the Phillies ended up losing the game, and so with it tears started to run down my face. It was just a year before that I had tears of happiness, when I was celebrating in my dorm room when the Phillies won the World Series.

This is just one of the many sports moments that made me cry through the years, so now it is time for you to share. I would love to hear the sports moment that left you in tears. Was it the 1999 World Cup win? What about a the 2002 USMNT match that would lead to a saying the American Outlaws still say every time we play Mexico, Dos a Cero. Maybe you are a Red Sox fan and got emotional after the curse was broke after 86 years. Either way there is plenty of emotional sports stories we can all share with one another, including some Philadelphia Union ones.