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Reader choice: A Philadelphia Union Mt. Rushmore

A survey voted on by the readers on who you would like carved into the granite 

The Philadelphia Union’s 11th season is currently on hold because of the global pandemic we are all experiencing. However, that hasn’t stopped us from still covering the team. For the past few weeks we here at Brotherly Game and SBNation have been working and sharing ideas to enhance our “extended break” from soccer.

A few days ago, we shared who we as a staff thought belonged on a Philadelphia Union’s Mount Rushmore. Our results are not shocking and includes 3 people that are currently with the team: Head Coach Jim Curtain, Captain Alejandro Bedoya and Goalkeeper Andre Blake. The only retired player to make the mountain is Ring of Honor member Sebastien Le Toux.

Now we wanted to share the results of who you the readers would include on the mountain. The results were not that far apart from ours. The first of the three players to make the list is Union Legend Sebastian Le Toux. Also making the mountain is our current Captain, and recently extended, Alejandro Bedoya. The third person making our reader list is current goalkeeper and 2014 number 1 overall pick Andre Blake. As for the fourth person on the reader’s mountain is someone who has been in our homes for the past 11 seasons and is a legend in the booth, broadcaster JP Dellacamera.

Here are some of the explanations people gave us for their picks:

“(Bedoya) [is the] most exciting player ever, our arguably biggest and most important signing ever, also the captain, and our longest tenured player with the most appearances ever.”

“Bedoya as mainstay since 2016 and captain, and Le Toux needs no explanation”

Honorable Mentions

Danny Califf, Ray Gaddis, Illsinho, Brian Carroll, Matt Gendaszek, Earnie Stewart, Ernst Tanner and one vote for Nick Sakiewicz

I also wanted to pass along this comment that was left for why someone chose Matt Gendaszek, current president of the Sons of Ben.

“I like Jim Curtin fine and would put him as my first one off the mountain, but I don’t think you have a franchise, let alone a mountain, without the Sons of Ben and their president, Matt Gendaszek. I’d give it to the SoBs as a whole, but Matt can stand in for them. Thanks to their passion, dedication, and clearly insane levels of perseverance in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds, the Sons of Ben deserve a spot, at least until some youngster (whom we may or may not know yet) plays his way on and knocks them off, which I’m sure they’d be more thrilled than anyone to have happen.”