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Rate the U: A lackluster attack costs the Union

After scoring the opening goal, the Union never really had another attacking chance.

MLS: Philadelphia Union at Toronto FC David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

After a lackluster performance in Connecticut, the Philadelphia Union now sit in fourth place. If you watched Saturday night’s game against Toronto FC, you may have gotten really frustrated. Besides Sergio Santos’ goal in the 5th minute, there was barely any offense from the Union until stoppage time in the second half.

Looking at the defensive performance Jakob Glesnes was once again looking great on the backline, as he kept clearing balls out of the penalty box. However, everyone is to blame for the Toronto’s second goal off the set piece. As TFC’s Pozuelo was left unmarked and able to get the game’s final goal.

So here I am sitting here thinking of how I want to rank each player’s performance, which is really hard to decide. I know for one there wasn’t many great performances because no matter what, when the U ended up with the ball it was quickly giving back to Toronto. I mean at one point it looked like Toronto had about 20 touches around the U’s penalty box without the boys in blue ever getting a foot on it.

Welp, that is my take on Saturday’s game, now we want to hear what you think. Fill out our Community Player Ratings survey.