Analytical preview: How can Philadelphia Union win over Toronto FC?

Waiting is a key to win.

Competitions between the teams became more than it, is rivalry – East American Rivalry. Their duels are always tense, sharp, alive. The teams give us a persistent, uncompromising struggle keeping us right to the end of the match. Fans always wait these matches with the great anticipation. To win over Toronto, The Union has to put a lot on the line.

For the two years, the teams faced five times, only one was won by the Union and other four by Toronto. At the year, we played versus Toronto once, on October 4 and beat up by them with the result of 2:1. We lost the game because of an individual technique, there are something to improve and try hard to keep in the next match against the team.


Andre Blake is the one of the best keeper in the MLS if not the best. Blake became the best goalkeeper in the MLS is back tournament. He may work miracles in his room as we could see this before. He may become a key person of the match. Quentin Westberg is very qualitative keeper, it is not easy to score him. That will a hard work for our forwards.

Defensive line

The hardest work to do will be for our defenders, they will have to break any offensive movement toward our box for the match. We had some problems with the enemy’s races around the box. Lost Alejandro Pozuelo and a conceded goal at the second half. The defenders must keep it until the final whistle to save the result. The Toronto’s defenders are not better than ours, I think, the Union have the one of the best defensive line in the league. They can do it!

Midfield line

The area is a crucial, who is winning it that one might win the game. We must win this space any cost despite losing in an individual technique of Alejandro Pozuelo, Ayo Akinola, Pablo Piatti etc.

To resist and penetrate, Toronto opted the 4-1-4-1 formation along the Union’s 4-4-2 diamond formation, four attack midfielders went down to create advantage of quantity players in the middle of the field. The Union were paralyzed despite putting a mad, crazy, wild a ball into the opponent’s back of net. Extra one player played a key role in the game and in the Union’s box (Lost Alejandro Pozuelo). The midfielders have to try to resist the formation for the game or into the trouble again – a more one lose in common standing no one wants. If the Union loses it, they will have to take a number 2 and endure. Even at the situation, we have some chance to take the victory or though a tie. With a quick delivery to the enemy’s box to penetrate an intensively the opponent’s pressing create a quick scoring opportunity and one second to realize it, one touch - one goal, shooting drill, -- it calls "a quick vertical German soccer". The Bayern won the UEFA Champions League’s cup with it.


I have a strong, clear feeling about Anthony Fontana, he may become a hero of the match for the Union. There is a little domination for our opponent, but we have something to show them in the field. The forwards have to stay focused until the finish because one moment – one touch – one goal – it is a basis of the game. They might have only one or two attempts during the match and they must take it.


Of course, the Philly lose
an individual mastery, sometimes
creation, but they can win with a concentration, a teamwork, a discipline and
the most a wish to win. And the Union are better in this than their opponents.
Toronto only try to win with an individual mastery. And there is a head key for winning.