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Doopy Brothers Podcast: Talking Doop with Ryan

Discussing everything from 2020 goals for the Union season to Phang Tattoos

This week’s podcast has a really fun interview with Ryan of the Union Youtube channel, “Talk Doop With Ryan”. Ryan shares some really good insight on the team and his outlook for 2020 as well as some cool experiences he’s had while creating videos for his channel. We had some fun discussing the newly announced “Fearless Fan Contest” and how much Ryan as well as ourselves would do for the Union.

Episode Recap:

  • Ilsinho is officially back
  • Union repping for USMNT
  • Preseason predictions: players we hope to break out
  • So Many Shirts!
  • Fearless Fan questions
  • Interview with Ryan

Listen to Episode #48

Check out Ryan’s videos here:

And buy out “Sexy Szn” shirts: