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Stunner in Montreal: Stoppage time goal leads to a Union draw

Union scored two goals off a set piece but leave Canada with one point

MLS: Philadelphia Union at CF Montreal David Kirouac-USA TODAY Sports

Saturday afternoon soccer for the Union can be summed up by using the cliche a ‘tale of two halves’. However after a reset during halftime, the U came out playing more aligned to Curtin’s game plan and eventually scored two goals in the second half. All looked good for the boys in blue, except when we went to the final seconds of stoppage time. It was in this time that the Union gave up an equalizing goal, and eventually left Montreal with just one point.

The Union did not have a convincing first half against CF Montreal. The boys in blue struggled on the possession and that made it difficult for them to create many dangerous opportunities.

The only decent chance for the U came late in the half when a Jack Elliott header from outside the box missed.

By that time the Union were already down by 1 thanks to the goal by Matko Miljevic. The set piece goal from Miljevic came from the top center of the box, where he was left unmarked. After the goal you could visible see some frustration from the Union, who knew Coach Curtin will not be pleased with that set piece defense.

Earlier in the half Montreal also had a couple of good chances to get on the board. In the 13’ minute Rudy Camacho shot from the right side went high over the crossbar. Two minutes later in the 15’ Djordje Mihailovic header gets saved by Matt Freese.

In the second half the Union came onto the pitch with some much needed life. Their press was played with a much higher line. Compared to the first half, this was the boys in blue that we have come to expect. Eventually in the 80’ minute the Union finally had the lead and needed to keep the pressure up and control the rest of the game.

They got the lead off of two set piece goals. The first one would by the leading contender for the weirdest goal of the year. In the 64’, Monteiro sent the ball into the center of the box and Glesnes uses his back to direct the ball towards goal. The ball actually hits the right post and bounces off Montreal’s goalkeeper and into the net.

In the 77’ minute the Union earned another free kick from just outside the penalty area. Wagner was over the ball on the right side of the box and sends it into the center of the box. Where it bounces on the ground and then goes directly into the back of the net.

Four minutes into stoppage time the Union were under constant attack from CF Montreal, who were looking to steal points from the U. At one point a cross from the right side into the penalty area saw three players collide in the air. Due to the possibility of a head injury the match was stopped and the training staff was called onto the field. It was this moment that Union fans may say caused the draw.

If it wasn’t for the stop, extra time would not have been added on as the Union were mere seconds from 3 points. However we had another minute tacked in stoppage time. This lead to another attacking chance for Montreal. Instead of coming down the right side, this time the sent the ball into the penalty area from the left wing. Sunusi Ibrahim was able to get a spinning head on the end of the ball and headed into the back of the net to steal two points from the Union.

The Union continue their playoff push, and road schedule, as they head to Minnesota. They will line up against Minnesota United Wednesday October 20th. Kickoff for that match is at 8PM on PHL17.