change in tactics, creating local SoB chapters

I had a thought " POP " in my head last night, I'd like to share it with you. Since, the Union Front office assist the Sons of Ben with Membership purchases. Perhaps, the Union and the Sons of Ben could help the members of the supporters group to organize local chapters. I noticed the American Outlaw Chapters tweeting about upcoming U.S.M.N.T events recently on twitter. Last night, I thought wow, local chapters for Sons of Ben members to organize more away game viewing parties or assist with carpooling to the home games.

I would like to attend the away viewing parties at Neshaminy Creek Brewing, but it's just not realistic. My thoughts are local chapters say, Atlantic/cape, Cumberland/ Salem, Gloucester/ Camden, Burlington/ Ocean Counties in New Jersey could organize local Sons of Ben Chapters, to locate a central Pub partner to watch away games together.

The members who currently enjoy the Neshaminy Creek Brewing viewing parties should continue to meet there. However fans in the greater Philadelphia area on the Pennsylvania side, who find it unrealistic to travel to Neshaminy may establish a local chapter and meet at a central pub partner location.

Potential benefits of creating local chapters of the Sons of Ben. A new system of communication could be established as the Elders push out new information, ideas, and events down through the local chapter Presidents. Information and new ideas could flow back up to the Elders of the Sons of Ben as well. Here's the real prize, if we can establish local chapters organizing viewing parties at Union Pub partners or better yet encouraging a local Pub to join the Union Pub Partnership. The customers coming in during the game, will see the viewing party and hopefully join in the festivities potentially gaining new members of the local chapter growing the overall base of the Sons of Ben which translates to growing the foothold of the Philadelphia Union.

Sob Jlock936