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Community Corner: If Fontana and Real starred in a buddy comedy

What would the plot be?

AJ from the Doopy Brothers mentioned in this week’s podcast that he wanted to write a movie about Anthony Fontana and Matt Real after they each had the chance to celebrate goals with each other in the Union’s past two games.

Naturally, when I heard this I assumed it would be a Judd Apatow buddy comedy in the vein of Step Brothers, Knocked Up, Pineapple Express, Celtic Pride, etc.

Fontana and Real have a combination of charisma, charm and skill on the pitch that seems like it would feel at home in an Apatow vehicle.

It wouldn’t have to be Apatow though, of course.

Maybe they could have their own cable access show together like Wayne and Garth, go on a “mission for God” like Belushi and Akroyd, go on a road trip to find the nearest White Castle, go old school Abbott and Costello or try their hand at ice hockey as Hanson brothers.

The possibilities really are endless.

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