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Rate the U: A short bench shines in Chester

Fontana’s goal in stoppage salvaged a lackluster defensive performance

Photo by Carl Gulbish

After plenty of chances it was not until the 73’ when Anthony Fontana, who was on for about 10’, scored. Fontana did not stop there, as it was his shot in stoppage time that gave the Philadelphia Union its 3 points. He is without the doubt the best attacker of the night, with the amount of work he put in his 30+ minutes of game time.

It’s not all positive though, with the U playing up a man for those 30+ minutes, it was their defense that looked tired. At one point most of the team was playing behind the ball when they had possession at midfield. They also allowed the Revolution to run all around the middle of the field, basically allowing them to walk up to Andre Blake and convert the game tying shot in the 81’.

That is my take on last night’s match. Now we want to know what you think of the individual performances of the players and head coach Jim Curtin on Sunday night? Fill out our Community Player Ratings survey.