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Union Academy adds players from FC Delco, Real Jersey FC, PA Classics and other clubs

New players are also joining the academy from Philadelphia Ukrainian Nationals, 1776 United and Michigan Wolves

Jack Brown (left) in a game against the Union Academy in 2019 is one of three additions to the academy from PA Classics
Photo by Matt Ralph

A dozen new players have been recruited to join the Philadelphia Union Academy for the 2020-2021 season.

While the list is expected to grow before players report — right now that’s still slated to happen in August — the group so far includes four players from South Jersey, seven from Pennsylvania and one from Michigan.

“It highlights the relationships we have in our market, the clubs that are doing great work in our territory,” Jon Scheer, Philadelphia Union Academy Director of Talent Identification said of the group of newcomers.

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted the recruitment process for Scheer as it has for clubs around the country with tournament and showcase cancelations along with the inability for months to have in-person meetings, tours and trials.

“There’s no doubt that Covid has had impacts on national recruiting for MLS clubs and college coaches but I knew coming in this year that it was going to be a more local class,” Scheer said. “We brought in close to 20 kids last year and a little less than half were coming from out of the area.”

The class so far includes three players each from FC Delco, Real Jersey FC and PA Classics with the other three coming from Michigan Wolves in Michigan and local clubs 1776 United and Philadelphia Ukrainian Nationals.

FC Delco
Cavan Sullivan, MF, 2009, Philadelphia, PA
Massimo Villani-Morabito, CB, 2008, Philadelphia, PA
Jaden Francis, MF, 2006, Williamstown, NJ

Real Jersey FC
Jamir Johnson, D, 2008, Voorhees, NJ
Kenyon Carter, CB, 2007, Cherry Hill, NJ
Anthony Washington, F, 2007, Monroeville, NJ

PA Classics
Jack Brown, MF, 2006, Lititz, PA
Nicholas Greer, D, 2008, York, PA
Zach Greer, MF, 2007, York, PA

Philadelphia Ukrainian Nationals
Devon DeCorte, MF, 2006, Southampton, PA

1776 United
Gabe Wesseh, MF, 2008, Bensalem, PA

Michigan Wolves
Jake Spadafora, MF/F, 2004, Northville, MI