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Community Corner: Names for the MLS is Back Tournament trophy

What should the trophy be called?

The 2nd Annual Building Bridges 3v3 Trophy

With the “MLS is Back” tournament fast approaching and all 26 teams preparing to compete to win the Florida-based tournament, we asked Twitter readers what the league should name the trophy that will be on the line (along with a Champions League berth and prize money) in Orlando.

Out of the 20+ responses that we got, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite names for the glorious prize that awaits the tournament’s winner.

  • The COVID Cup - @LancadelphiaPA
  • The Social Distance Shield - @t_walt6
  • The Walt Disease World Cup - @TheDoopScoop
  • The Mickey Mouse COVID House Cup - @UnionNut26
  • The Coronacaf Cup - @WVaquahombre
  • The MLS Summer Camp Cup, The Orlando Thanks for Coming but Go Back to Your Homes Cup, The Florida Man Cup - @borton_89
  • The Sippy Cup - @MarshProduces
  • The U.S. Isn’t Open Cup - @FatherofBen
  • The Coronar Cup - @Rich_Lori
  • The Quarantine Cup - @LjNolek
  • The Bad Choices Championship - @kimop182

What other ideas do you have both serious and ridiculous to name the trophy that the Philadelphia Union will hopefully be lifting on August 11?