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Philadelphia Union jersey spotting in famous movie scenes

Did you catch the Union jersey in these famous movie scenes? Don’t worry, I captured the shot so that you could revel in the glory.

We have all had that rare moment, walking down the street, through a store, or driving down the road, where a Union jersey, shirt, hat or sticker catches your eye. Its exciting! One of our own! Well a little known fact about the movie industry is that they often use sports jerseys in famous scenes to really capture the audience’s attention. You may have been too wrapped up in the plot to notice the Union jersey in a few of these famous scenes so I took the liberty of spotting it for you and putting them all together here in this post.

You’re welcome.

Who you gonna call?? This iconic scene features the Ghostbusters wearing an assortment of Union jerseys. Sure the movie was released well before the Union but we can all agree that this film was ahead of its time.

Did you catch this the first time you watched Ghostbusters? Neither did I!

Oddly enough, Tom Hanks did not wear a Union jersey in his film, Philadelphia, however, the Union kit was used in a small budget flick called Forrest Gump.

This one was hard to spot as Hanks wore a light suit, but the Artesano secondary brand use was a revolution in the movie jersey market.

As the Titanic floated down the Delaware River, Jack held Rose as she looked out over the front of the ship. Unfortunately for Jack, he never did get to see Subaru Park. More unfortunately, Rose became a Red Bull fan.

This line was taken from the deleted scenes and substituted for something much less effective (Something about being King of the world), much too the regret of the writers.

In the second spotting of Mr. Hanks sporting a Union jersey, he is in Castaway. It appears this Union jersey has seen better days! When you’re stranded on a desert island, beggars can’t be choosers. Rumor has it, he found some NYCFC gear in a suit case but instead of wearing it for much needed warmth, he burned it. Wilson approved.

I know the picture is small, and I don’t know the inner workings of digital design so you have to squint. Here is the quote “Wilson, life is like a loaf of Artesano bread, you never know what you are going to get.”

If you have taken a Film Studies course on ancient movies that I have not seen, you may have spotted this Union jersey. She is singing in mountains so this is probably when Brian Carroll scored a last minute equalizer against Colorado. I am pretty sure that it what this movie is about.

Sing it loud lady!

Nobody is wearing pants these days, and neither is Tom Cruise! He is wearing this year’s Union jersey as he slides across the floor. The truth behind this picture is it is hilarious.

“You can’t handle the truth” - said by some other guy in some other movie that Tom Cruise was in.

I know, this is not a movie, but it does take place in Pennsylvania (not this scene, I know). Also, all we are doing these days is streaming The Office even though we have seen the entire show a hundred times. This jersey is a tough catch though because the black color matches Jim’s suit. I also am usually tearing up pretty hard because I for one, love love.

When Pam saw Jim cut his tie, she told him that nothing would look better as he walked down the aisle than the Bethlehem Steel throwback Union jersey.

I hope this post has helped you recognize the cultural influence that soccer jerseys have played in the film and television industry. Some of you may claim that these are fakes and I will neither confirm nor deny this. I am just trying to do my part in helping people put a smile on their face during these times.

And I challenge you to go watch these scenes and see if you can spot the Union jerseys, bet ya can’t!

PS. I am the Doopy Brother who is a teacher, not a graphic designer.