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Community Corner: Will you buy a Brenden Aaronson FC Red Bull Salzburg jersey?

Brenden Aaronson’s pending transfer to a Red Bull club in Austria raises some questions for fans

Philadelphia Union

Since reports started surfacing that FC Red Bull Salzburg was the likely future destination for Philadelphia Union homegrown Brenden Aaronson the question has been raised.

Will you buy a Brenden Aaronson FC Salzburg jersey?

The conflict in that question is that the Red Bull in Salzburg is the same as the Red Bull in New Jersey, one of the Philadelphia Union’s closest rivals.

Even though they are different clubs and there’s a slim chance he’d ever end up playing in his home state against the Union, the color red isn’t welcome in the River End no matter whose name is on the back. Wear Philadelphia Phillies gear in the River End and you’ll get crap for it.

Assuming finances aren’t a question and that the argument over whether you really need another jersey is invalid, would you buy a Red Bull Salzburg jersey with Brenden Aaronson’s name on it?


Are you interested in buying a Brenden Aaronson Red Bull Salzburg jersey?

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