SEPTA supporting the Union


Everyone's favorite transit agency is showing support ahead of tonight's U.S. Open Cup Semifinal between the Union and the Chicago Fire. Have you encountered any similar messages? Share them with us!

Tranquillo Barnetta tells his fans how long he'll be in Philadelphia


Tranquillo Barnetta tells the fans on his Facebook page that he'll be with the Union through 2016.

Come on.


After the United States went up 4-0 on Japan during the Women's World Cup Final, "Pearl Harbor" became a worldwide trending topic. It was so bad that Stars and Stripes FC tweeted the following message:

If you're tweeting Pearl Harbor jokes at us, please stop and log off

— Stars and Stripes FC (@StarsStripesFC) July 5, 2015 There were also a plethora or jokes revolving around Hiroshima and Nagasaki going around on Twitter, because apparently there are a bunch of horrible people out there.

Orange ball?!


According to the Weather Channel app and a good friend who knows a thing or two about meteorology, there's a strong possibility of snow this Friday for the Philadelphia Union - FC Dallas match. These things are subject to change, but holy crap orange ball! (h/t to Matt "Cat 5" Crissman)

Here is how not to make women's soccer apparel


Female soccer fans already get a ton of shit from jerks with antiquated views, and this shirt certainly does not help. It may come as a surprise to those at Rally House, but women don't just pretend to like sports in order to draw interest from men. They actually like sports! Really! (h/t @meghanXrino)

What color is this?


Is the Union's reported new jersey white and gold or black and blue? What colors do you see?

What are the Union doing right now?


A.) Taking a nice, warm shower B.) Getting high C.) Playing a soccer game D.) Setting off flares

Chester Union


Canadian sports app theScore trolls hard.

Moyes hanging at PPL


You know thats how we roll