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Former FC Delco/Union youth goalkeeper Zack Steffen speaks out about racism

The Downingtown native says “enough is enough”

United States Men’s National Team v Mexico: Friendly Match Photo by Ira L. Black/Corbis via Getty Images

Downingtown, Pa. native and current U.S national team goalkeeper Zack Steffen says that if he is going to be wearing the American flag, he needs to know that his country ‘’supports black lives.’’

Steffen took his thoughts to Twitter on Tuesday afternoon, where he expressed his pride in his identity but also his concern about police brutality, racism and systemic injustice amidst a nationwide response to the killing of George Floyd in police custody in Minneapolis.

‘’If I’m going to be wearing the U.S flag,” Steffen wrote. “I need to know that it stands for something worth defending. I need to know that my country supports black lives. That our leaders see us. That they hear us. I am proud to defend my nation; all I ask is that my nation also defends me.’’

To add to that, on Wednesday the Fortuna Dusseldorf keeper appeared in an interview with ESPN where he communicated his sorrow about the current situation and talked about the differences between Germany and the U.S.

‘’I do feel safer in regards to police brutality and being racially profiled,” he said. ‘’It’s sad, whenever I see a police officer or a cop, my mind goes straightaway to the videos that we all see and that’s not how it should be. These people are supposed to be there to protect us and help us and serve us, we’re not supposed to be scared of them, we’re supposed to look at them for help and leadership.’’

The former FC Delco and Philadelphia Union academy player is currently on a loan spell with German side Fortuna Dusseldorf. He was transferred from the Columbus Crew to Manchester City in 2018.