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Doopy Brothers Podcast: Disappointment in Dallas

But it happened on a Leap Day so it doesn’t really count

A disappointing start to the season, the Union fell to FC Dallas 2-0 in Frisco. While showing glimpses of quality, it was a “rusty” performance by the boys in blue. In the first half of the episode, we discuss our takeaways as well as who we thought did/didn’t do well in our Union Best Union Worst segment and go through some “hot takes” that might have stemmed from the game and if any are valid.

In the second half, we discuss the implications of Bedoya’s lack of DP tag and start some probably meaningless speculation. With LAFC next on the schedule, we preview that match up with predictions from a “celebrity” to compete with our own. Plus we create our own 5v5 rosters using LAFC owner Will Ferrell’s characters only.

Listen to Doopy Brothers Episode #52