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Rate the U: Andre Blake tops the poll for ninth time this season

Blake received an average rating of 4.9 after his performance in the 2-1 win over the Revs

Morgan Tencza / SPP

After coming up big on a couple occasions to preserve all three points at Gillette Stadium on Monday night, Andre Blake topped out our Community Player Ratings poll for the ninth time in all competitions in 2020.

Blake finished with an average rating of 4.98 on a scale of 5.

Anthony Fontana, who scored the game-winning goal was second with a 4.3 average rating and Mark McKenzie was third with a 4.04 average.

We also tried something new this week with some optional questions about the most important play of the game and other open-ended commentary.

The most important play of the game was a mix of Andre Blake’s two big saves and Jamiro Monteiro and Anthony Fontana linking up for what would end up being the game-winning goal.

There were plenty of survey respondents unhappy with the way the Union played and confused by Jim Curtin subbing in Cory Burke and Andrew Wooten with a lead but also pleased with Jack Elliott playing as a 6, Jakob Glesnes and Blake. There was also some love for the Revs’ Tajon Buchanan, who scored the lone goal for the hosts.

“Three points away from home overshadows meh.”
“Fontana is a better striker than Wooten.”
“Tajon Buchanon (age 21) is impressive; Blake was again really something in the goal.”

2020 Player Ratings: New England Win, October 19

Player Total Average
Player Total Average
Andre Blake 249 4.98
Anthony Fontana 215 4.3
Mark McKenzie 202 4.04
Jamiro Monteiro 190 3.8
Jim Curtin 389 3.78
Jakob Glesnes 186 3.72
Jack Elliott 185 3.7
Kai Wagner 182 3.64
Brenden Aaronson 181 3.62
Ray Gaddis 173 3.46
Ilsinho 169 3.38
Sergio Santos 154 3.08
Cory Burke 148 2.96
Matt Real 147 2.94
Kacper Przybylko 144 2.88
Andrew Wooten 124 2.48