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Beware, the Philadelphia Union will send you packing

Is Wayne Rooney’s announced departure another example of the damage the Union can do to your team

Derby County Press Conference - Pride Park Photo by Barrington Coombs/PA Images via Getty Images

If something big happens once, then that’s cool. If it happens again, wow, what a coincidence. Now if something big happens three times, you better take note of it and pay attention. So this is my call to the rest of Major League Soccer; the Philadelphia Union will get your coach fired. Let’s look at the proof.

Example 1

The Philadelphia Union played FC Cincinnati on May 1. The Union put together a convincing 2-0 win with goals from Kacper the Friendly Striker and Fafa Picault. Following the Cincinnati loss, their coach at the time coach, Alan Koch, made comments about his own team and ownership, saying that he did not think that they had good enough players. That is what the Union will do to you, make you doubt your own team. Shortly after that loss and the comments following the game, Koch was dismissed from his duties. Sorry Cincinnati.

Wow this Union team is pretty good, that’s cool.

Example 2

The New England Revolution came to Chester to face the Union on May 4. The game was 1-1 at the half. Then the Union decided to flex on the Revs and put up five unanswered goals in the second half to win 6-1. Can you imagine being Brad Friedel, sitting there on the sideline watching the Union slice through his side? I am sure nobody, not even Coach Friedel, was surprised, when days later he was let go. Sorry New England.

Hmm, another coach was fired after their team lost to the Union, interesting. Also, this Union team is looking real good.

Example 3

On August 4th, the Union traveled south to play D.C. United. Within the first few minutes, this game was decidedly in the hands of our Union. Two goals and a red card to D.C. all before the half, the Union sailed to a 5-1 victory on the road. They dominated every facet of the game, including keeping Mr Wayne Rooney under wraps. He had very little impact on the game and was restricted to dropping from his striker role, back into a deeper lying playmaking role. Well the game ends and Philadelphia fans celebrate. What happens to D.C. United’s coach? Well, nothing. However! Within 48 hours of the beatdown, D.C. United’s pseudo coach, Wayne Rooney, is announced that he is leaving after the season! He takes a role as a player and assistant coach across the pond for a different D.C., Derby County. Sorry D.C.

Whoa, another big move after a team has lost to the Union?! That’s three big things, take note!

First of all, this Union squad is good!

Second, the rest of MLS better beware, this Union team not only will beat you, but your leadership will leave you afterwards. MLS, you have been warned.

And Wilmer Cabrera, we will see you and your Houston team on Sunday.