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Soumare Discusses His Situation On The Fire Confidential Podcast: Part 2

Transcribed quotes from Bakary Soumare's interview on The Fire Confidential Podcast. This is part two of a two part article from the podcast.


The following is part two of a two part article of transcribed quotes from a podcast interview Bakary Soumare did with The Fire Confidential Podcast. For the transcribed version of the first half of the podcast, click here.

Has the club told you of how any of the talks are progressing or if any are close to being resolved?

"Philly's willing to facilitate the move for me. We're at the point where they want to make it happen and I want to see it happen. But you're talking about a player who's on a big number, considering Major League Soccer, you gonna have to find a club who needs a player at that position and that can also fit you under the salary cap. There's a lot of MLS rules that are making it hard for teams to just pick you up. It's more difficult than people think. You can't say okay we're gonna bring you in.

They have to fit you into your salary cap. They gotta make sure they have a roster spot. There's a lot of things that go into it, as you guys know. It's not an easy trade, it's a very, very tricky one. Because of the number I'm at, it makes it even harder for people to look at the situation and say, why isn't Baky playing in Philly? How is his injury? There's a lot of question marks. It's very, very difficult for a team to just say that we're gonna bring him on when there's a lot of unanswered questions.

Do you have a timeline in mind for when this might happen? Do you have any idea when something might happen?

"That's been dragging for, what? My last national team game? So, for... it's been going on for about a month now. It's difficult. You go to training every day knowing that you're trying to find some resolution. I know my club is doing the same thing. It's difficult. Mentally, I'm not going to lie to you, it's draining. It's part of a soccer career. It's a bump on the road. You kinda keep your head in there and wait for something to happen. Do I have a timeline? No. You know how trades work in this league.

There are a lot of components, it's tricky. Our only option as of today is to look into Major League Soccer. Some of the leagues in Europe are gonna start finishing and we're gonna be able to see who's getting promoted, who's getting demoted, which team has interest and that's when that window also open. It makes it easier. I left Germany on very, very good terms with my club. I really liked the club I played for. There's probably possibility there. I think I did well in the Bundesliga. I don't rule out a return to Germany. That's a big, big possibility.

Would you be willing to stay in Philly if a move doesn't happen and playing time doesn't improve?

"To be honest with you, I think we're both past that point. I'm past that point and I think Philly's past that point. We're at the point where it's better for both parties to just go in separate ways. That being said, I have a contract and I'm part of the Philadelphia Union.

If I'm called up to do anything, I'll get the job done as best I can. I'm at training every day. I'm working hard. John knows that. Me and John, we talk every day. We still have a lot of communication. He knows that if he needs me, I'm available. I also know that if John needs me, he knows he can count on me, as well. It's not like I'm the guy that wants to get traded and don't want to play for you guys. I still have a good relationship with John Hackworth."


That's the rest of the podcast that pertained to the Union. Soumare went on to discuss his time overseas in Europe after talking about his want to leave Philly if the playing time and other situations don't improve.