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Adu Reportedly To Arrive In Bahia Today, Union To Take On Kleberson's Hefty Contract

Bahia's President discussed the details of the Adu exchange on a talk radio show in Brazil.

Richard Heathcote

The Philadelphia Union will jettison Freddy Adu, but at a cost, according to Marcelo Guimarães Filho, Bahia's President.

Filho told local radio station Itapoan FM that the team was excited to bring in Adu, in part because of the salary savings from moving an unwanted player of its own. Kleberson, a former Manchester United player and 2002 World Cup Hero with Brazil, is to be the play that moves to America in the deal.

"We can only win with the departure of Kléberson and arrival of Adu. The negotiation with this is very positive. We'll save and gain based on who will leave us," Filho said.

Kleberson reportedly makes between 150,000 and 200,000 reals a month, which converted to USD (the current rate is exactly one real for $0.50) is $75-100,000 per month. Brazilian outlets have repeatedly compared Kleberson's contract to that of Adu's, who they list at 67,000 real per month, or $33,500 (his contract in 2013 rests somewhere around or over $600,000).

"There is a surplus, an economic [benefit] to Bahia," Filho was quoted as saying by Galaticos Online. "Even paying part of the wages to the American club of Kleberson and paying part of Adu, in the end it is us who win."

According to Filho, Kleberson will move to the Union in December on loan, which would leave one year on both his and Adu's contracts.

Union head coach John Hackworth is expected to give Philadelphia's update on the situation today at a press conference, along with disclosing more information on the coming departure of Adu's teammate Bakary Soumare.