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Union: Three Offers Received For Valdes, No Deal Accepted

A confirmation by the Philadelphia Union of Carlos Valdes transfer negotiations is yet another interesting twist in the possible loan situation.

Jim Rogash

In a surprising move, the Philadelphia Union confirmed ongoing transfer negotiations to the media.

Philly Soccer Page tweeted that a Union spokesperson told the site that the team had received three offers for Carlos Valdes. The only club named by the Union was Santa Fe, who Colombian reports have said will be the team that gets Valdes on loan for a year.

The team also informed PSP that none of the deals had been accepted yet, but that the Union were mulling over the offers.

The two other teams that submitted loan or transfer bids for Valdes were most likely Nacional, of Uruguay, and Boca Juniors, of Argentina. Both teams have been linked to Valdes in media articles in the past week.

Jose Pekerman, head coach of the Colombian National Team, reportedly recommended Valdes to Boca Juniors, then Gerardo Pelusso, head coach of Paraguay, did the same for the center defender to Nacional.

However, Boca recently brought in Chiqui Pérez and await the resolution of a move for European based Egidio Arévalo Ríos, according to Juan Arango of Mad About Futbol.

All three clubs will play in South America's famous Copa Libertadores - basically the Champions League for South America, but perhaps even more intense - giving Valdes ample reason enough to move back to South America to further his career.