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Torres: Teams Made Offers For Me This Offseason

The creative midfielder admitted, in an interview with Tertulia Liga Postobon, that there was interest from clubs heading into the 2013 preseason, but Roger Torres chose to remain with the Philadelphia Union.

Patrick McDermott

Another offseason of major turnover for the Philadelphia Union has put Roger Torres in an interestingly awkward position. He's now the face of the now defunct and soon forgotten era of Peter Nowak.

Torres was one of the first international players to be acquired by the Union in the franchise's history and soon was part of an influx of Colombians into Philadelphia. Today he's the last one left who has come to the Union from Colombia, the final reminder of a time when the team featured such names as Faryd Mondragon and Carlos Valdes (now on loan with Independiente Santa Fe).

The 21-year-old recently gave an interview to a new podcast on Colombian soccer, Tertulia Liga Postobon, and revealed a few things about how his offseason went this year and some other facts about his soccer future.

According to Torres, there were teams that tabled bids for the creative midfielder, but he decided to stay with the Union in spite of inconsistent playing time over the last three season.

RP: Have you received any proposal from a special team?
RT: Right now I'm squarely with the club, I started my preseason and yes there were some offers, but I have my head with the Philadelphia Union.

The former America de Cali player also discussed his focus on eventually moving to Europe, and he explained that it's a dream move for him.

RP: Intended or not, would you be interested to leave for abroad?
RT: Yes, I've always dreamed of going to a European league and I work hard to achieve it.

The interview then turned to national team player and Torres showed off a similar ambition to his former teammate Valdes in that regard.

RP: And finally, do you dream for a call up to the senior [Colombian] team?
RT: Like all players, I think that's the biggest dream you can have and I always think of that. It's one of my goals and I hope to someday achieve it.

Torres will enter his fourth straight season, in 2013, with the Union since moving on loan to Philadelphia in 2010. His contractual rights were fully transferred to the Union in 2012.