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Hackworth: Transfer Of Adu "Possibly" Imminent

Freddy Adu's time with the Philadelphia Union may being coming to an end soon, if one is to read into John Hackworth's short answer to the press at this year's MLS SuperDraft.

Drew Hallowell

As though a transfer saga couldn't get any lengthier or weirder than the Carlos Valdes', the Philadelphia Union have managed to create one in the form of Freddy Adu's own transfer situation.

John Hackworth has done little to beat away questions about Adu's future with the Union, including today. The Union's head coach was asked about a transfer involving Adu and didn't deny it might happen.

"Possibly," Hackworth said in response to a question by ESPN's Jeff Carlisle about whether or not Adu was due to soon be transferred. Hackworth proceeded to decline to comment further to reporters present at the SuperDraft.

The Brotherly Game was informed during the SuperDraft that the Union were trying to move Adu.

Hearing that the Union are tossing around Adu's name in trade talks at the SuperDraft in hopes of moving Adu before the preseason begins.

I was told that the Union, if they were to actually part ways with Adu, would want to receive draft picks and/or at least one current MLSer.

The team would be willing to provide relief to the team acquiring Adu by eating some of his salary.

Adu has been controversial, in part because of his high salary cost, since joining the Union in August of 2011 through the MLS Re-Entry draft. He has started on and off for the Union, while also being utilized in a substitute role by Hackworth.

When asked about Adu's status for the Union's upcoming preseason, Hackworth was a bit more informative than about a transfer.

"No," Hackworth said, according to "There is [a decision that has to be made]. Freddy and I talked. We talk regularly. So until we get into camp I want to defer that one and address it at that time."