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Bethlehem Steel FC's Seku Conneh called to Liberian National Team

The Bethlehem Steel FC forward will be serving his country instead of his club this weekend.

Pat Jacoby / Brotherly Game

Seku Conneh has been one of the better kept secrets in Bethlehem this year so far. The young Liberian forward has done everything right so far in Bethlehem, and now his country will recognize his hard work and promising attacking presence. Conneh will be playing Togo instead of New York Red Bulls II on the Sunday the fifth, and obviously will not be available for selection by Steel FC head coach Brendan Burke.

Liberia has known for a while now what Conneh brings to the table. The 20 year old first appeared for the Liberian side in 2015 against the Ivory Coast in a World Cup qualifier, and he was called up for a set of African Cup of Nations qualifier matches against Djibouti late on in March.

Congratulations are without a doubt in order, and he will be missed by his club. Good thing Steel FC have plenty of young and hungry forwards who are ready to make an impact, or else this would be a terrible loss against a huge opponent.