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Union Zoom Happy Hour continues to show a [good] trend of support for the Philadelphia Union

The Union faithful are a one of a kind group, and nothing says that better than their Friday night Zoom gatherings

Two Years On: How a Manchester Derby Changed My Life

Soccer was always there for Kyle Robins, but a Manchester Derby was what actually got him to dive into the sport. That’s why he didn’t miss the opportunity to join MUFC Philly for the most recent one.

What Arsenal could learn from ‘Remember the Titans,’ its Supporters and Misconduct Tavern

In the latest in his series of visits to Premier League supporters hangouts, Kyle takes a look at the state of Arsenal and recounts a recent visit to Misconduct Tavern

Founding Fathers, Philly Spurs... and their unlikely run together

The home to our local Tottenham supporters group made a surprising but fitting run in an online March Madness-style poll

Simulating the 2020 Philadelphia Union season on FIFA20

According to our simulation, MLS Cup is a very real possibility

Jersey launch party signals beginning of new era for Philadelphia Union fans

Event celebrated passion and commitment of a fired up fanbase