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Brotherly Game among sites that will no longer be monetized or supported by Vox Media

Staff is currently evaluating next steps

Carl Gulbish

It’s taken some time to process the news that hit my inbox yesterday that Vox Media will no longer be monetizing or supporting Brotherly Game and a slew of other soccer and hockey sites after March 1, 2023.

It’s created a lot of questions about how we’ll continue to cover the Philadelphia Union and other area soccer heading into the spring. Will Brotherly Game still exist? Will something better rise from its ashes?

As news spread yesterday, many readers reached out with kind and encouraging words. Those words mean a ton in this time of uncertainty.

Yes, we are just a soccer website that covers our favorite MLS team and tries to cover as much as we can with the sport at all levels but what we’ve built here has had a lasting impact on my life. Friendships have been made and built, countless stories have been told, charities have been supported and as a team we’ve been able to document the incredible rise of a soccer team that is now among the best on the continent.

This has always been a passion project for everyone involved. The financial support wasn’t a lot but it was helpful, the backend support was extremely valuable and the access to the network of sites covering the league was maybe the biggest advantage of all.

I’m not sure what the future will bring and whether we’ll end up retiring the Brotherly Game name or not but I do know that we are committed to continue covering the beautiful game and contributing to the growth of the sport in our region.

If you have ideas and suggestions for how we can best do that, please share them in the comments or reach out to by email at or DM.