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Game Thread: Philadelphia Union 6 vs Colorado Rapids 0, Final

Union up a man and four goals

Carl Gulbish

Game Update

90+2’- And that will be it, as Chapman blows the whistle. Blake gets his 12th clean sheet of the season. Also the fourth time this season the Union has scored over 6 goals in a game.

90+1’- And when you thought the scoring was done. How about a left-back getting on the goal sheet, as Matt Real gets his first goal of the year with a strike from the top of the box. Union up 6 to nil.

90’- We will have a minimum of 2 minutes of stoppage time.

87’- Make it 5 to nil! Burke reacts to the ball that deflects off the goalkeeper and sends the ball into the back of the net.

85’- And Gazdag’s night is done as he is replaced by Sullivan. Real also comes on for Bedoya.

84’- Burke looks up and passes it to Gazdag who chips it past the goalkeeper for a Hat Trick! His 16th of the season.

81’- Wagner’s low shot from the top left of the box is easily saved.

74’- Uhre’s night is done as Aaronson comes on to finish out the game.

70’ - Priso goes down and the training staff is out to take a look. The staff decided that his night needed to be done as the rapids bring on Gutierrez.

63’- Double sub here for the Union as McGlynn replaces Martinez and Burke comes on for Carranza.

57’- Union with a corner from the near flag here. Wagner drives it towards the near post and it is sent back out of the penalty area. Wagner sends the second ball back into an open spot near the far post, where Carranza gets a diving head on it but the shot goes wide of the net.

46’- And we are back in Chester. Colorado made two changes at the half. The rapids brought on Moor and Estevez. The pair are replacing Zardes, who barely touched the ball, and Abubakar. Abubakar came into the game in the 20th minute, but he is one yellow card away from a suspension, so it seems Colorado doesn’t want to risk him getting a yellow.


45+2’- Chapman whistles to send the teams to the locker room. Huge half for the Union.

45+1’ - We will have at least 2 minutes of stoppage time here in the first half.

45’- Colorado has a corner from the near flag, they appear to be taking as much time as possible. It is sent near the top of the box, but the Colorado player misses the ball as he tries to get a shot off.

35’- It is not a nice night for Rapids fans as Vallecilla gets frustrated and pulls down Uhre. Chapman runs over and shows him a yellow card, which then has him bring out the red card as it was his second one of the night. Colorado is now down 3 goals and a man with almost 60 minutes left to play.

29’- Union play the ball long to Mbaizo who goes down inside the box and Chapman points to the spot. Replay seemed to show that Mbaizo slipped by himself, however, it seems VAR had no issue with the foul as Carranza is whistled to start the Penalty Kick. Carranza then smashes it to the left side of the net.

27’- Poor challenge by Colorado’s Warner as he leaves his feet and trips up a Union player. Warner is shown the third yellow card of the night from Chapman. All three of those cards have been shown to Rapid players.

26’- After Colorado’s Wilson goes down and the training staff comes out to take a look at him. After a minute Wilson is helped up and taken to the sideline, his night comes to an end early as the rapids sub in Abubakar.

23’- Counter attack off the clearance from the corner. Carranza picks the ball off a cross from Mbaizo and as he goes down untouched inside the box the shot from Carranza goes wide of the net. Should have been a better finish by Carranza.

22’- Rapids have a corner from the near flag, it is sent into the box and is cleared out by the Union.

20’- Gazdag is pulled down inside the box and Chapman calls the Penalty. Gazdag steps up and punches it into the back of the net. That is his second of the night and 15th goal of the season.

18’- Colorado’s Yarbrough makes a terrific save to deny Carranza from the penalty spot.

11’- Carranza draws another foul as Priso tackles him from behind. The move also earns him a yellow card from referee Chapman.

9’- GOOOOAAAALLLL for Gazdag! The ball is played long and chested off Uhre to a streaking Gazdag, who gets in a foot race to convert the shot. This is his 14th goal of the season.

8’- Carranza draws a foul and a yellow card for Colorado’s Vallecilla. Chapman showed the card because of a hard-standing tackle on Carranza.

7’- A missed opportunity for the Union here as Wagner sends it into the box and finds Uhre right in front of the net but can not control the ball.

1’- Kickoff in Chester. The U are in the dark blue and attacking away from the River End.

Starting Lineups


Colorado Rapids


The following is a list of names from the league’s player availability report.

Philadelphia Union

Everyone is healthy and available

Colorado Rapids

  • OUT: Braian Galván (right knee)
  • OUT: Aboubacar Keita (torn ACL right knee)
  • OUT: Oliver Larraz (right leg)
  • OUT: Jack Price (upper body)
  • OUT: Dantouma Toure (right knee)
  • OUT: Sebastian Anderson (right leg)
  • OUT: Jackson Travis (core)
  • QUESTIONABLE: Keegan Rosenberry (right leg)

How to Watch

Wednesday, August 27, 2022
7:38 p.m.
Streaming: (in-market); ESPN+ (out-of-market)


Referee: Allen Chapman
Ast. Referee 1: Oscar Mitchell-Carvalho
Ast. Referee 2: Walter Heatherly
Fourth official: Sergii Demianchuk
VAR: Jair Marrufo
Ast. VAR: Fabio Tovar