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Game Thread: Philadelphia Union 6 DC United 0, Full Time

The Union look to snap a road losing streak in the nation’s capital

MLS: Philadelphia Union at D.C. United Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Game Updates

FT: Good performance to recover for Philly. The team goes home with some pride and momentum.

90’ + 3’ That’s all for tonight. 6-0 for the Union, and they go home with a big road win.

86’ Burke with a collision with Romo. Both shaken up, but they look alright.

85’ Quinn Sullivan in for Carranza.

84’ How does Kimarni Smith miss that? Andre Blake is on the other side of the net, and the D.C. United player skies it.

80’ Six goals. Cory Burke. I mean that’s just a beauty.

76’ Paxten Aaronson is on for Gazdag. Leon Flach is on for Ale Bedoya.

74’ Make that a hat trick for Carranza. Three goals and the Union seems to want to score seven again.

70’ Cory Burke with more work ethic than Rocky there. He wins the ball, gets back in the box, collects the ball, shoots, and the rebound goes to Carranza who scores.

68’ D.C. makes a multitude of substitutions (four (4)) as Wayne Rooney tries to work this one back a bit.

64’ Uhre leaves as the first sub of the match, Cory Burke enters.

63’ Again, Fountas forces another good save from Blake, another corner for the home side.

62’ The D.C. crowd gets excited as Miguel Berry winds up, but his shot is blocked out for a corner.

57’ Largely even play since Carranza’s goal, but no great chances from either side.

47’ Julian Carranza with a gorgeous goal. That was what he wanted earlier, and the Union has a field goal lead.

46’ Carranza takes the tap at Audi Field, as the match gets back underway.

HT: Gazdag’s goal ends the half, as the Union heads into the locker room with momentum.

45’ + 4’ Daniel Gazdag scores the PK, 2-0 Union.

45’ + 1’ Uhre goes down in the box, Unkel goes to VAR, and a PK is given.

37’ Mikael Uhre. The Dane scores the match’s opening goal, with a good shot tucked into the net. 1-0 Union.

36’ Carranza wants that one back. Sails just left of the net, and he had Romo beaten. Good chance for the visitors.

33’ A good chance for D.C., their first in a few minutes. Forced a good save from Blake.

28’ This offense is finally clicking. Julian Carranza puts a good chance on net, but Romo comes out for the save. Union with good possession right now.

25’ That was a good sequence by Philly, but no goal. Fancy footwork from Jose Martinez, good crosses from Kai Wagner and Olivier Mbaizo, but ultimately scooped up by Romo.

19’ D.C. deserves a goal, Andre Blake watches that one hit the post from Fountas. Philly has to bounce back.

17’ The Union works back upfield, but D.C. defends well, and and Uhre foul ends the attack.

16’ There’s no one like Andre Blake. Incredible save by the keeper, and Jack Elliott steps in to defend the rebound. I take back what I said about Philly being superior.

14’ Another great chance for D.C. there, the home side is really pushing to open.

13’ Taxi Fountas had an impressive run that ended with a ball going over the goal line. Not enough help for the Greek sensation.

12’ The D.C. United broadcast was right, this is not the same team from a month ago. All the same, Philadelphia looks the superior side.

6’ Elliott misses a shot right in front of goal, but is called offside anyways.

3’ D.C. is asking for a handball in the box from Jack Elliott, same play as the last match against Dallas. The call is not given by Ted Unkel.

1’ We are off at Audi field, and D.C. United looks for a fast start.

Starting Lineups

Mikael Uhre, Jack McGlynn and Olivier Mbaizo the three changes to the starting XI from Wednesday night. Cory Burke is on the bench after leaving the FC Dallas game early with an injury.

How to Watch

Philadelphia Union at D.C. United
Saturday, August 20, 2022
Audi Field
Streaming: in market, ESPN+ out of market


Referee:Ted Unkel
Ast. Referee 1: Cory Richardson
Ast. Referee 2: Ryan Graves
Fourth official: Jon Freemon
VAR: Kevin Terry Jr.
Ast. VAR: Eric Weisbrod