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Game Thread: Philadelphia Union 4 vs Chicago Fire 1, Final

Photo by Jack Verdeur 

Game Updates

90+4’- Final whistle the Union stay perfect at home.

90+1’ - We will see a minimum of 4 minutes of stoppage time here in the final half.

85’- After scoring a goal, he commits a hard challenge from behind and earns a yellow card. Also, the U make a double switch bringing Sullivan on for Carranza. Aaronson replaces Gazdag.

83’- Burke scores!!!! Which may possibly be the 20,000 goal of Major League Soccer, or 20,001.

81’- Free kick is sent directly towards Blake, who easily gets hands on the ball.

80’- Chicago has a dangerous free kick after Mueller falls over the ball and the ref calls a foul on the Union.

79’- In a bizarre move, Shaqiri’s night is done. Chicago basically waiving the white flag.

72’- Free kick is sent towards the far post, where Glesnes stretches out to hits the ball but it goes over the net. Union also make a double switch here, bringing on Burke and Martinez for Uhre and Mcglynn.

71’- Carranza is taken down just above the 18-yard box by Chicago’s Shaqiri and he is shown a yellow for the hard tackle.

67’- Corner kick amounted to nothing.

66’- Gimenez night is done as he is getting carried off the field on the stretcher. Chicago is making their triple switch now. Kacper’s night is also finished. All of this is taking place as the Union are getting ready for a corner.

62’- Play is stopped as a Chicago player is down on the ground. Meanwhile it looks like Chicago is getting ready to make a rare ‘Triple’ switch.

53’- Didn’t take long for the Union to get back up by two. Carranza picks up the second chance and chips it into the net. The boys in blue are up 3-1.

49’ - Mueller with a nice touch blasts the ball behind a diving blake to bring Chicago within 1.

46’- The game has gotten back underway.

45+4’ - The ref has whistled for halftime and the teams head to the locker room. On the broadcast, Curtin says there are a few things to clean up. He also says there is certainly a chance for another goal as they are just missing that final connection in the final third.

45+1’ - We will have at least 4 minutes of stoppage time here.

43’- Play is stopped as Bedoya makes contact with a Chicago player. The player has spent some time on the ground, with the training staff out to take a look at him.

39’- And it looks like VAR is taking a look at it. Finally, without the ref heading to the monitor, he signals a good goal.

37’- Union corner kick from the near flag. It is sent towards the far post and defended to the top of the box. Mbaizo sends a shot in and the goalkeeper goes up to grab it, but the ball goes off the crossbar. Elliott is right there to smash it to the back of the net. Union up 2-0.

31’- Play is stopped as Bedoya is on the ground. Replay shows that Chicago’s player looked to have intentionally stomped on his foot.

29’- Bedoya is shown a yellow card for his hard foul.

27’- Another big save by Blake as he denies Kacper.

16’- GOOOAAAAALLLL by Gazdag. Another great team goal with Carranza getting the ball from Uhre. While that happened Gazdag continue to run up the middle and Carranza slots him the ball, who ends up sending the it to the top of the net.

13’- SAVE BY BLAKE! The goalkeeper dives to keep the ball out of the net.

10’ - Union’s corner eventually ends with a foul by the U.

9’- Beautiful movement by the UNion here as Uhre takes a great shot from outside the box. The goalkeeper makes the save. After more shots the ball finally goes out for a corner.

4’- Union’s free-kick ended with offsides.

3’- Chicago’s Pineda body checks Uhre, who would have been able to get past the defense, and earns an early yellow card for the center back.

1’- The game is underway. Union are in the dark blues and attacking towards the River End.

Starting Lineups


Chicago Fire


The following is a list of names from the league’s player availability report.

Philadelphia Union

Everyone is healthy and available

Chicago Fire

  • OUT: Jhon Espinoza (right knee)
  • OUT: Wyatt Omsberg (left foot)
  • OUT: Stanislav Ivanov (right thigh)
  • OUT: Carlos Teran (right thigh)

How to Watch

Philadelphia Union vs Chicago Fire
Saturday, August 13, 2022
7:38 p.m.
Streaming: (in-market); ESPN+ (out-of-market)


REF: Ismail Elfath
AR1: Corey Parker
AR2: Brian Dunn
4TH: Jeremy Scheer
VAR: Edvin Jurisevic
AVAR: Corey Rockwell