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Game Thread: Philadelphia Union 6 vs Houston Dynamo 0, Final

Union look to stay unbeaten at home in 2022

Game Updates

90+4’- The ref blows his whistle to end the game. Union win five in a row and haven’t lost in six. It is also Blake’s 10th shutout of the season.

90+2’- He is back up and limping and Blake sends it far to get the game restarted.

90+1’- Fourth official shows that there will be at least two minutes of stoppage time. Meanwhile Wagner is on the pitch with the training staff out looking at the calf.

90’- Another hard tackle by Hoston, earns a yellow card for Dorsey.

89’- The scoring won’t stop, Sullivan gets his first goal of the season as his shot slightly gets deflected on its way to the back of the net.

85’- Carranza’s night is done as Sullivan comes on to replace him.

83’- Steres collides with Burke, who was on the attack. With both players on the ground Steres is shown a yellow card for the hard foul.

77’- Double switch for the Union here as Gazdag and Bedoya come off. The two are replaced by Aaronson and Bueno.

66’- Curtin calls for Uhre as Jim Curtin makes a change. Burke comes in replacing the forward Uhre, who ends the night with a brace.

63’- Vera earns a yellow card for a foul committed against

61’- Houston’s shot goes wide left of the net.

59’- Double switch for Houston Dorsey comes in for Zeca. While Pasher replaces Ferreira.

55’ - Carranza makes it number five for the Union.

48’- Make it a brace for Uhre. Bedoya with another assist. Union picking up where they left off.

46’- Game gets back underway. During the break neither side made substitutions.


49+5’- Carranza gets spikes around his ankles by a Houston player. After he gets up the ref whistles for halftime.

45+1- We will have at least 5 minutes of stoppage time. Meanwhile Mbaizo comes in from the right side and crosses it towards the center of the box and Uhre, who gets behind the defenders converts the cross into a GOAL. Union up 3-0.

42’- McGlynn lines up to take the shot and it is over the wall and dips into the net near the post. What a first MLS career goal for the 18-year-old.

41’- Carranza draws a foul for the Union at the top center of the box, almost 25 yards away from the net.

38’- Houston corner from the far flag here. It is sent towards the middle of the box and easily cleared out by the Union.

36’- The delivery is sent low but Bedoya is able to get a head on it but sends the ball high over the net.

35’- Union corner here, which gives them the ability to test Houston’s new goalkeeper. Wagner is set at the far flag.

32’- Fafa gets behind the defensive line and gets the ball and has a one-on-one vs Blake. Blake goes down and the ball goes behind him into the net. However, the assistant ref raises his flag for offisides. Game is still 1-0 Union.

26’- After the goal, Clark went back down on the ground with the training staff back to take a look. Houston will make a change by bringing Clark out and replacing him with Nelson.

23’- GOOOOAAAALLLLL by Gazdag, number 11 on the season! The attack here is amazing. Uhre is spotted streaking up the left side and is able to get behind Houston’s defender. He cuts back and waits for help, where he sends it up top to Bedoya. Bedoya then passes it to Gazdag, who is able to send it to the back of the net.

21’- The Ref heads to the monitor and waives off the penalty kick.

19’ - HANDBALL called on Houston inside the penalty area. Glesnes sends it over the top to a streaking an opening Wagner. Wagner then crosses it back to McGlynn whose shot is sent in and off of a sliding Houston player where the ball hits off the hand after hitting another part of the body. But we are having a long check by VAR here.

15’- Play resumes as the Union put the ball out so that Houston can restart the game.

13’- Houston’s goalkeeper comes off his line and Bedoya goes up in the air and Clark goes to punch the ball but collides with Bedoya. Play is eventually stopped as Clark stays on the ground cluthing his hands. Training staff is out taking a look at him.

8’- Another corner here for the Union after a nice attack that had a lot of players touching the ball. Wagner’s corner from the far flag is sent into the box. It is blocked and goes straight up in the air but the goalkeeper is able to get command of the second chance ball.

7’- The Wagner service is sent low and towards the near post but is cleared by Houston.

6’- Houston commits a foul from about 15 yards away from the box. The swinging service is sent into the box and goes out for the first corner kick of the game.

1’- The game gets underway in Chester. Union in the dark blues and are defending the river end here in the first half.

Starting Lineups




The following is a list of names from the league’s player availability report.

Philadelphia Union

  • Suspended: José Martínez

Houston Dynamo
Everyone is healthy and available

How to Watch

Philadelphia Union vs Houston Dynamo
Saturday, July 30, 2022
7:38 p.m.
Streaming: (in-market); ESPN+ (out-of-market)


Referee: Kevin Stott
Ast. Referee 1: Matthew Nelson
Ast. Referee 2: Ben Pilgrim
Fourth official: Natalie Simon
VAR: Jorge Gonzalez
Ast. VAR: Peter Balciunas